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Im about to sabotage my diet...



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festivalgirl said:

Argh. What a crappy afternoon. :cry:
Poo don't you will only feel even worst after run a bath and soak your troubles away chin up sweet heart x x x


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simmy said:
Poo don't you will only feel even worst after run a bath and soak your troubles away chin up sweet heart x x x
I mean Oo don't lol bloody fat fingers for ya few more weeks and they will be slim. X
:( its been such a rubbish afternoon. Why do I have such a selfish family. I have been sumoned to a family gathering, that is totally impractical because of my diet, with 30 people who I barely know/havent spoken to for many years, and am either expected to eat, OR will have to justify why im sat like a nutter drinking a shake to all these old people.

Oh and i am also expected to bring my three girls, to a very formal four course meal. I have a little one who will sit for about 20 minutes max, I have a 6 year old who is very loud/outspoken and a 9 year old. All girls. Its going to be awful. Especially as I have only just started to build bridges with my mother, I am not going to be on "display" to the whole family, a family so obscure my grandmothers brother is one of my closest relatives.

Can I swear? Haha. If not...BEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEP
sounds very complicated hun .. is there any way that you can get out of it ? can you tell them that its not appropriate with LO but you will join them AFTER the meal ??

as for justifying the diet , you are doing it for you and do not need to justify it to anyone , you should be proud of how well you are doing and if anyone has a problem then its their problem not yours x

I really hope you are able to get through it your way :)
I had 1 cocktail sausage. I put it in my mouth and didn't even enjoy it. Tomorrow is going to be 100% and I am going to stick 100% till my Thursday weigh in for sure. Family problems are a typical example of my overeating :( thanks guys xx


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think u have just hit the nail on the head for me with the family thing and my eating my family god love them could take up a whole jeremy kyle season honestly there that bad , love them to bits but honestly its really hard sometimes with them , any way chin up and take no notice thats what i do , it goes in one ear and out the other with me, good luck and rememeber how fab u will look once your a skinny minixxxxxx
Damn, I went back for three more. Oh well. Protein with lots of fat, and they were little, so I have started a fresh again.

God I didnt think snacking would be so hard to resist, cos I found the first few days easy, I am now struggling.


please try again
theres a reason i dont talk to half of my immediate family, know how stressful family gatherings can be *hugs*

4 cocktal sausages = 100cals so in the grand scheme of things not so bad

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