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im an idiot!!!


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Okay made the decision resart tomorrow made big announcement about it and im already setting myself up for a fall with doubts!!!!!!!! Im such a t**t. I want a new me more than anything so why is the temptation to eat out weighing it??

Any words of wisdom appreciated!!!
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Because old habits die hard.

I am always the same - get this massive plan in face and fall flat on my face. We just gotta take it one day at a time. Put a simple rule into place - everytime you wanna cheat or whatever, promise to drink a pint of water and wait just 10 little mins. If you still wanna eat - go ahead.

Don't put yourself down though hun, it'll make you feel worse.

Lotsa love xxx


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Thanks blue, think im having wobbles nearer it gets but cant and dont want to put it off any longer!! I just need to succeed and not let everyone down including me by failing again!! Oh why dnt we listen when newbie n everyone tells u first time golden time!! Good luck with your journey hun.
i feel for you

i'm new here just a few weeks but ive read other people suggest to start slowly. i'm on AAM week and it's been a nice change, having food to chew. although i do like the diet having struggled to lose weight for a while now.
good luck whatever you do:)
and don't forget theres a great bunch of people on here to get advice from, and just reading all the posts keeps me going.
my fella thinks i'm having an affair tee hee !!!!
I know what you mean Sarah. I've been up and down in mood more often than a t**t's knickers over the last two days. I think I'm due to go to SS+ tomorrow (no reply to my emails from my CDC) and one minute I'm sure I can, the next I'm certain I won't be able to do it! Thhe one thing I do know for sure is that I want to be slim for summer and I WANT to do this. If I say I HAVE to, I get some sort of childish rebellious reaction and, just to prove I'm a grown up, sabotage myself! How weird is that? The thing is, it does seem to require a certain amount of focus, of REALLY making up your mind so that doubts just don't exist. Good luck tomorrow - think about me if you're tempted. I'll do likewise (think about you that is!) and perhaps it will help us. If you can do it, then I can do it and if I can do it, you certainly can!
Hey hey hey, that's enough of that you are not an idiot. You are someone that is trying to do something about their weight and that is to be congratulated. As Leah says old habits die hard and can be hard to break but you are trying and you always got to have a plan.

Girlies, just look at porgeous' pics!!

Nuff said xx
True enough Blue. Holding that thought and going to bed. Night night
Night xxxx


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She does look fab and true inspiration 2 us all. Im off to bed soon and look forward to the new me starting from tomorrow!! C u all then and thank u!!!xxxxx.
Hi Sarah, hope today went well. I made it and am chuffed to bits! We can do this - with minimins on our side we're flying!!!

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