I'm baaaaaack :)

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by charliexx, 26 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. charliexx

    charliexx Well-Known Member

    :DSummers around the corner so ive decided to come back and do another month:D

    I started lipotrim just over a year ago at 79kg ish (12.5 stone) and I think I got down to around 10 stone 4, but my weight settled around 10.7 stone and currently a year later I am 10.13 stone! So not too bad I don't think!
    my aim is to get to 9 stone 10 in a month, I hope that's not unrealistic!:D
    Is there anyone else around the same start weight?
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  3. abbz

    abbz Well-Known Member

    Hey Charlie!

    Well done on your loss last time and for maintaining it so well for a year!
    9 stone 10 isn't unrealistic at all, I'm sure you'll do great :) ..and look fab for summer :D
    I'm currently 10stone11 (ish!) and aiming for around 9stone (hopefully less depending on how I feel) by Summer but I'm using Slim & Save instead, starting 17th March!
    I look forward to seeing how you get on :)

    Best of luck x
  4. DebbieNornIron

    DebbieNornIron Well-Known Member

    Im back as well :)
  5. abbz

    abbz Well-Known Member

    welcome back Debbie, we have a similar start weight! x

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