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I'm back again!


One day at a time!
I'm back again and this time determined to last more than a few days - lost 36lbs before on CD and have regained most of it now. I've stopped and started so many times this year that I feel like a yo-yo:eek: but it has been a very traumatic year for me so I do have some excuse.

However I've found that having an excuse doesn't make me feel better about being fat! So here I am again having met with my CDC this morning and raring to go. I'm one shake and a litre of water down already and am heading off to work where temptation had better stay away, lol.

Will have to sort out my ticker etc - today is a brand new start, I have a new weight loss card, new leaflets and I will be a new me:D

Hope to be on here lots so looking forward to sharing the experience with you all. Some of you might remember me from the past 12 months so hi to you:)
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welcome back.

keep posting on here and im sure you will stay on track! we are all here for you!

chin up, and stop making anything an excuse... we all have times where we just wanna throw in the towel. but make sure that doesnt happen until you have got to goal.. and then maintain that goal :)


is a naughty girl...
Hello Minxie, I remember you :) I am back again. Hopefully this time will be the last time! Good luck, not that you need it I am sure you will be amazing! xx


This Time It's Personal!
That's such a great little revelatory quote: 'having an excuse doesn't make me feel better about being fat!'.

Being a restarter myself, I think you're absolutely right, and not putting all the blame on external factors shows, in my opinion, a level of self-awareness that is common to quite a lot of restarters. So yay us!
Hi Minxie welcome back! I'm only on day 2 and I'm already seeing the positive benefits of this place, it certainly helped when the snacks got passed round at work today.

I reckon the best way to get through this is to stick with the winners who are on this wonderful forum xx

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