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Im back again

I'm back on CD restarted yesterday :)

I lost 24lb in feb/mar and then tried to go to SW was good for one week then I was on the see food and eat it diet lol so I'm back with a loss of 12lb now .

I weighed in yesterday at 189 LB and WILL be sticking to it, my first goal is to get into the 11's which means a loss of 22lb

Yesterday was a good day, I was at work from 7am-8pm so was easy to stick to it (plus the 10miles or so that I walked around work helped) but today I'm on a night shift so will be harder to stick to I might have 4 packets instead of 3 today and tomorrow cos I'll be up till tomorrow night. What do others Donetsk they work nights?

Also are zero drinks aloud? As in 7up zero Or dr pepper zero??

Thanks :)

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I been told coke zero won't knock you out of ketosis but may make you feel hungry and bloated. I have restarted and on day three myself and been told the minimum is now 4 shakes or 3 plus a small meal but not sure if this is correct or not. I'd take four if I was you then have one if you need it. I used to work on a 24 hour day when I was nursing to try and even it out if that makes sense. Good luck xxx

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Must do it this time
:welcome: back and best of luck with the restart.

I have a coke zero every evening after ive had all my water for the day,its nice to be able to have something to look forward to at the end of the day.I dont find it makes me hungry but others on here have said different so i suppose its each to there own.I dont think your allowed any other fizzy drink,i could be wrong though.
Seems to be o.k to have zero coke, although some of the threads say no. I guess is a little trial and error to see if it slows weight loss/causes cravings! I am going to try having just one glass a day or if I have to go out then have it in the pub so I don't look odd drinking water!
Thanks for your replies :)

I'm sitting here on my break at work (with matchsticks in my eyelids) and just had a salad - I had half at around 5pm and the other half just now and I had a soup packet for lunch, do u think that's ok? I did have a bit on coleslaw on my salad but the rest was good, so ok I think?

I'm thinking tomorrow I'll just have 3 packets and then WI on friday morning to have a sneak peak to see if I've lost anything so far, I also have some pee-sticks so can see (hopefully) that I'll be in ketosis by Friday

I'll keep the dr pepper zeros off the menu for now cos I remember last time I did CD the bars slowed down my losses so I'll not have fuzzy drinks either just in case

Right I better get back to work, although there's nothing to do if I sit in this comfy chair and longer I'll be in the land of nod ;)

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Well it's the end if day 3 and I've been half good(I had a chicken breast in a crusty roll for dinner) and 2 CD packets and I've had around 3 litres of water.

We shall see what the scales say in the morning :)


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Day 4

I weighed in this morning and have lost 4.4lb in 3 days- I'm quite happy with that- seeing as I've been eating alittle too.

I'm even more happy that I was tempted to have a takeaway last night and I resisted woohoo

Today I've had a banana shake for brekkie, and I'll have 2 more packets today and lots of water :)

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Day 5

Well I weighted in again this morning, down 5lb now :) woohoo

Yesterday was a good day, I had 1 shake and a turkey and ham salad (with cheese coleslaw :s) I know I should of had another CD packet in the evening but I was knackered so just went to bed, and I drunk 2L water and 1.8L tea :) I know I shouldn't have tea but I really can't stop, so I limit myself to no more than 5 cups a day ( oops 6 cups yesterday)

I'm off to a BBQ later and I will have a burger but I'll have mostly salad, if I drink loads of water too that'll help
Hopefully the weather holds out?

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