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im back and bigger than EVER!!!


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S: 17st2.0lb C: 12st8.5lb G: 11st2.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 4st7.5lb(26.46%)
hello everyone!
I was obsessed with this forum a while back and was a devout follower of the lighterlife programme. I went from 16st 2lbs to 11st 6lbs! and thought i could manage fine myself and skipped the maintenence plan, big mistake! here i am 16st12lbs and i have had enough! I am going to see a councillor tonight to get back on the programme and lose this flab once and for all! I just hope i can start really quickly!! :) I am sure i will get to know u all better and give and recieve some much needed support!
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hi there
well done for making the decision to return - i think rtm does help - its still not easy - i finished it 10 and a half months ago nearly, and still find it a daily 'struggle' to maintain, but I think ifi hadn't done it i would find it even more difficult.

good luck with your re-start - you will be back down to where you were in no time!

daisy x


Hi Jelly nice to meet you!

well Im very new to LL only been on it a week today, had first weigh in last night and have lost 8.8lb, which of course im chuffed about. finding it really hard today....but i keep having to tell myself over and over again why it is im doing this, and I will start to see light at the end of the tunnel


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I started at 16 stone 4 and am at 11 stone 3 now so it scares me a little to see you have put it all back on. I am on week 4 of RTM so would definately recommend to do that this time round. Best of luck with it, you'll be slim again in no time!


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S: 17st2.0lb C: 12st8.5lb G: 11st2.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 4st7.5lb(26.46%)
thankyou girls so much. I have done lighterlife twice. The 1st time i lost over 3 stones but cheated often. it was so hard. The 2nd time people told me how hard it was 2nd time round and i was slightly dubious but very determined and stuck religiously to it for 10 weeks. I must say to anyone finding it hard, that dont ever give in as i promise it just gets easier and has been the easiest Diet i have ever done with the best results! The first couple of weeks are very hard but after that it becomes so much easier and almost a way of life. when u cheat it becomes so hard and u constantly battle with yourself. In the first 2 weeks as i said and u all know its hard and i couldnt stop thinking about food, but a woman on here Blondelogic said to me that u only think about things that u allow yourself to think about which i cant thank her enough cos when the thought of food came into my mind i thought of something else or busied myself and her advice really was invaluable to me, i hope it can help you all too. Xx


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S: 17st2.0lb C: 12st8.5lb G: 11st2.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 4st7.5lb(26.46%)
sandrat, dont worry sweetie, its not the diets fault i put it back on, i just went back to my old ways. I know people will say ''you will put it all back on when u lose it so quick or start eating real food''
But thats not true. Regardless of how u lose your weight you will gain it back if you go back to ur old eating habits! So well done you! You must be so proud!


thanks Jelly thats helped me, and things do help even just to read posts on here etc, I know one thing for sure.....I would be finding harder without Minimins and all the support ive had from the lovely people on here, really has made a difference.

well im coming into my 2nd week and it's not that im thinking of cheating or anything thats not entered my head really its just hard and I guess im just feeling sorry for myself lol feel better now as Ive got 10 mins left at work then im going home yipee :)


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Keep smiling Tracy - you're doing great, there are bound to be down days. Tomorrow is a new day :)

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Hi Jelly and welcome back! I remember you!! :) Good luck - third times a charm they say!!

RTM is not a magic wand, but it is vital. I think it is the most important part of the diet. Skipping it is so risky. I mean after we make the huge investment in expense of packs, blood sweat and tears....why give up at the last important peice. (not speaking to you directly Jelly, just in general. :))

It;s like spending all that money to learn how to drive, and then buying a bicycle. It just doesnt make sense. :) (bad analagy but you get the idea)

You will do good.

ANd Tracy -well done yoU! Great start!! :)


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S: 17st2.0lb C: 12st8.5lb G: 11st2.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 4st7.5lb(26.46%)
hey bl! Aww thank u! I remember u advising me at the time to do rtm, but stubborn ole me thought i knew best lol. But am back, 1st meeting on wednesday! Yay am so excited to do it again! And u have done amazingly bl! Well done girl x


thanks Lucy and BL
Hello Jelly.
Welcome back. I'm sure you'll get it all off again. This time you'll know that you have to change your lifestyle permanently.
RTM will help get into that routine. You sound really determined. Good luck.


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S: 17st2.0lb C: 12st8.5lb G: 11st2.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 4st7.5lb(26.46%)
sadly my best friend passed away 10th of August of that year and i ended up stopping the plan. My head was just too over the place. finally back again for my LAST time. I hope xx


...we're sinking deeper.
S: 18st7lb C: 11st1lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 7st6lb(40.15%)
I'm sorry to hear you'd had a really rough 2010 (I read on BL's thread), you've shown amazing courage and strength to get through it and to come out the other side. I can't imagine how hard that year must have been for you. :(

I wish you luck on your journey this time, you CAN do it. I think the LL forum is not used here anymore though, I would suggest making a diary in the general Weight Loss Diaries section, or dropping in on Exante boards, those seem to be the most active out of the VLCD's. You are not alone x


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S: 17st2.0lb C: 12st8.5lb G: 11st2.0lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 4st7.5lb(26.46%)
Hi Minerva! Thank you for your post of support what plan are you following? What are your goals?
Diane xx

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