im back and doing EE i have a question

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  1. scoobydoo2009

    scoobydoo2009 Full Member

    right im at my heaviest 10.12st in 5.3ft and 42 yrs young

    iv done sw a few times yrs ago but since loosing my mum 2 years ago suddenly to cancer iv not been able to get my head around things

    i feel i am 100% dedicated in loosing at least a stone,i feel my clothes are tight and a lot of my facebook friends i went to school with have pilled on the weight and its not for me.

    i rejoined a fab local group done 4 weeks up and down with weight now at 10.08st.

    my food diary's are perfect my consultant says but we are both baffled why im not loosing weight i dont have all my syns i dont have a sweet tooth.
    if i am honest i tend to go without food or only eat a small plate full (not sure if thats starvation mode or not?)i do go hungry tummy rumbles a bit i know its not good

    any tips or ideas please?
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  3. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

    Hi scooby. I put on 4 stone following the loss of my dad so I know exactly how you feel. I've lost it all now but am back trying to lose a bit more to feel better in myself.

    Do you have a food diary?

    Make sure you have enough super free throughout the day and also with your meal. Also, are drinking enough water?
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  4. scoobydoo2009

    scoobydoo2009 Full Member

    hi im not doing a diary but i will from tomorrow to keep track of my food intake,

    il have another look at super free foods and up my water thankyou:)
  5. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

    Make sure you weigh all of your healthy extras as well. If you're not having enough of your hex b you're not getting enough fibre and will need to syn it. If you start a food diary though then people can look at it and give you guidance on where you could be going wrong :)
  6. scoobydoo2009

    scoobydoo2009 Full Member

    Todays diary
    1 muller light yogurt
    1 hr on treadmill
    1/4 honeydew melon
    1/2 liter of water
    1 pkt of cheese and broccoli pasta and sauce
    2 cups of coffee with sweetex and skimmed milk
    just doing tea,1 jacket spud,roast onion mushroom,and peppers and a pkt of ainsley harriot cous cous as my syns

    does this look ok?i have started writing everything down,got to prepare for tom and im working most of the day so lots of driving esp at lunchtime grr
  7. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

    I would say that breakfast isn't enough. Maybe have a banana or some berries with your yogurt?

    You didn't have any super free with lunch either.

    Also, how many syns in your couscous? That's one of those things that can be really easy to go over on if you're not careful.

    Your free food looks great :) I just don't think you're eating enough.
  8. scoobydoo2009

    scoobydoo2009 Full Member

    I didn't have a lot for breakfast as I was going on treadmill I should have eaten more earlier I think
    I went with the savory rice instead or cous cous (non in house lol)
    I'm hungry now had 2 alpen bars for my b choice still hungry
    I'm deffo no eating enough I agree with you
    Thank you x
  9. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

    It takes a while to get into the new habits with eating this way :) once you get your head around it and start eating this way as a matter of course you'll be absolutely fine.

    Don't forget to have your syns as well. You don't have a great deal to lose so if you plateau it will be helpful to have something to pull back on. Also, it helps you mentally to have a little of the naughty things as well :)

    On a completely separate note, my boot camp instructor has always advocated a protein rich breakfast if you can. I often have a small tin of no drain tuna for breakfast now because it's easy on the go and really helps with setting your body up for a work out :) x

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