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I'm back, can I come in again? Put nearly all lost back on!


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Well its been a long time folks but I am glad to be back. I have been messing around trying different diets, looking for that elusive quick fix :rolleyes:! You would think i'd of learned my lesson by now :banghead:!

I have finally realised that there really is no quick fix at all. Dieting is hard and not fair, BUT, its only as hard and unfair as you make it. And I do know that it does get easier too. So really i've spent the last 10mths pratting around and yes i've eaten what i've liked and when i've liked and i've been lazy. I've turned being a couch potato into an art-form, lol. But on a serious note, my little boy has been eating some of the same things as me and I feel discusted in myself for letting my lifestyle influence him, but what did I expect! He sees mummy eating a whole cake again and wants some, how can I say no when I sit there eating it. I do not want him to end up like me so I need to nip this in the bud now. Also I started to secretly eating again when my hubby is asleep and that is sad and that needs stopping right away too. I know that if I have to eat in secret then I shouldnt be eating it at all!

Seriously, was the food so delicious, so nice, NO! Was it worth it, NO! Has being lazy benefited me, NO! I really wish it had not taken me so long to truely figure this out. I've said this in the past but I always thought I'd find this miracle diet where I'd drop the weight really really fast. Another thing that I have learnt is that it has to be a lifestyle change not just a diet. I always planned to do the diet then when I was at target, to eat "normally" :confused:. (so basically I wanted eat what I wanted, when I wanted but still maintain my weight, If I did that I'd put my weight back on) Well, HELLO, SW is eating like a normal person should. Plus I want to be healthy and fit, not just slim so that means living a healthy lifestyle. Which is why I realised that I need to make SW part of my lifestyle.

Well, I'm not going to dwell on it because it is the past, I cant change it, but I can learn from it.

So what have I learned:

SW has to be part of my lifestyle
Exercise is non negotiable
There is no magic diet
When I eat junk I feel like junk
When I eat healthily I feel healthy
Exercise makes me feel good and energised
Now I've stopped messing about and am ready to totally commit to SW, exercise and a healthy lifestyle, I will get to my goals!

Sorry to ramble but I really need to get that off my chest, so thanks for listening :)!

Please may I come back :sign0009: I've missed your encouragement and info!
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welcome back jodi. we all faff at times. ive only just got back on track too so you are in good company here! well done for getting your moment of clarity and running with it xx


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Hi Jodi,

Sorry to hear that you gained the weight back - but thank you for the very honest straight forward post - I certainly need to hear it from time to time. It is so tempting to have the "when i get to target I can eat normally again" attitude - but lets face it our eating "normally" is what got us into trouble in the first place.

You sound like you have your head and your heart in the right place - I am sure you will get back on track, achieve your target and maintain!

Good Luck and keep us posted

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Wow! What a lovely post.
It sounds as though you have done an awful lot of soul searching and come up with a solution which makes sense to you and one that is good news for your family too.
Your motivation sounds really high - good on you.
You know that you can do it and that we'll all be here to support you. x


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Welcome back! You seem to have had an epiphany there.
I know I always feel like crap when I eat crap.
Good luck this time around x


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Welcome back.
So happy for you that you have found your motivation to do this again. I have gained and lost so much weight over the years I too am determined it is going to be a change for life. I am struggling a little at the moment gaining and losing the same few pounds, but I'm hanging in there because I do want this. I'm focusing on the fact that I am 3 stone lighter than I was and that's what is keeping me going.
Good luck to you :)

Mrs V

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Hi Jodi and welcome back!
I think it sometimes take a break like you have had to put everything into persective. You know that by eating the rubbish not only will you gain, but you will feel guilty and bluergh with it too!
You are certainly right about your little one. My Daughter loves my SW food, especially the KFC style chicken and even the full cooked breakfasts I have on an EE day.
Dont think about what you are going to miss when going back to SW, think about ways in which you can adapt your favourite "naughty" foods to suit the SW plan!

Good luck Hun and once again welcome back!


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Welcome back hun. Doesn't matter what's happened in the past, fresh start from now.
Well done for coming back - good to see you again!


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Welcome Back

Good news is, you did it once so you know you can do it again. Go for it girl!


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S: 15st11.5lb C: 15st11.5lb BMI: 38 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks everyone for welcoming me back! Unfortunately that was a very hard lesson to learn. I cant believe I wasted 10 whole months, that's just crazy. But as I said there's no point dwelling on the past, I must learn from it instead. Thanks for your encouraging posts too, :)

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