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I'm back for more!

I'm hoping some of you remember me, I came off Exante for 2 months after losing 4 1/2 stone,I managed to maintain my previous weightloss by low carbing but as of tomorrow i'm back on Exante, my mind is in a good place to carry on and lose the rest of the weight I need to lose, so here goes... back on the Exante band wagon!:D
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omg curlygirlyclaire!!! Welcome back!!! :)
I do remeber you, how cold I not! You are one of those who inspired me!!! I started on 11th May 2011. Lost 4st 1lb so far and I'm over the moon :)
You are doing great Claire!!! And I'm happy to have you back here cos I love reading your diary. Yay what a day today, my 13WI, 4 stones down and Claire is back!!!
Good luck to you love! :)


Been liberated by Exante!
Welcome back Clare - still here, still going strong.
Hi Claire
I only joined since you've been gone but welcome back anyway!
Really great to hear you've maintained... the holy grail of weightloss!
Good luck now with the rest of the journey


I will do this!
Welcome back and well done on your loss to date, I look forward to reading how you get on
Good luck, will look forward to reading about your losses :)


Violet is shrinking
Well back to Exante :)


Wannabe Mankini Model
Welcome back Claire!!

Good luck for next week/WI and stay strong!! :D
I remember you too - you were on when I started. I've taken a few weeks off and just started again yesterday. Similarly I seem to have maintained my weightloss but have come back for another few weeks to see if I can get into the 12s

I've changed the order this time to shakes and bars, no soups and had to order extra strawberries as no intention of putting self through the chocolate again but happy to be back

ps mojo - how do you get that funky looking chart?



Sensibly losing :)
hey hun!!!
So nice to see you back here - I was on the look out for you as I lost a lot of my FB stuff and I couldnt remember your last name so couldnt search for you!!! Must get you added back on now you are back!!

2nd go at it - you absolutely amazed me last time with your determination and losses that made me green with envy. Wish you the exact same sucess this time round :) I have had a few false starts in the last 3 weeks (off to do a post and confess all so I can have a fresh start with no going back!!) and just cant seem to get back in to it properly since my op. I am still officially 'recovering' but I feel absolutely fine now and I need to do this as I know the scales are going up!!

Looking forward to chatting again and I need you to kick me up the arse!!! LOL!! PLEASE help me!! PMSL!!

xxx lovely to see you back!! xxx
Thankyou all for the welcome back :) Donna glad to see u back too, added u on fb again :) I couldn't get back into it thats why i came off completely for 2 months so i could eat guilt free, and while i was doing that i was feeling guilty as i knew i could have lost lots during that time lol, glad im back on it properly now, hope u get ur head in gear again xxx