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I'm back!!!! I have a problem though!


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Hiya guys just thought I'd let you all know I'm back from my holiday in florida! I had a brilliant time and although I haven't had an official weigh in yet according to my scales I've put 8lbs on which I'm not entirely disappointed with (other half put a full stone on!!!)
I have a bit of a problem though, this morning I was woken up by the most unimaginable pain, it was so bad I insisted my hubby drive me to A+E where I was poked and proded (I swear NHS doctor are sadists!) and once I'd basically begged for mercy was diagnosed with suspected gallstones...nice!
I was wondering if anyone knows how long it takes roughly to have this sorted out (he told me I have to have a scan to confirm it then I'll probably have to have my gallbladder removed)? I'm in pain constantly without dosing myself up with co-codamol and I don't want to be living like this for weeks (I can't even walk around without the pain getting worse).
Talk about coming back down to earth with a bang! Can anyone let me know how long this will take roughly?
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OOps meant to say more!

Sorry to hear you are in pain and glad you had a good holiday!

Right now i can hit the reply button!


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Hi, I had gallstones when I was 21!!!! I had the op really quickly after the scan and then I was back at work within two weeks. If they do you keyhole which I'm sure they will the worst discomfort comes from the wind, they blow your tummy up so they can 'see' so the best advice I was given and I still use it to this day if I've a burp that won't come, walk round like a chicken flapping your wings (tuck your hands into your armpits) and do lots and lots of flapping quite strongly, it works, you will look like an idiot but who cares hey???

Well done on the 8 gain, that's nothing compared to what I'd do hee hee xx


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Sorry, I don't know anything about gallstones but I just wanted to say welcome back and i'm glad you had a lovely holiday.
Hope you feel better soon. :)


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Hi Kelly,

I am so sorry for your pain, as I know exactly what you are going through. From the scan I had mine out within a month (but I was thru Bupa), the pain from wind really hurts after the op (keyhole) and they pulled some of my stitches too tight, was off work for a while because I didn't listen when they said don't do too much.. (re-arranged the living room) but also got a chest infection and then got a post operative hernia, so had to have another op..

Dose yourself up and don't overdo things, I really hope you get it sorted soon.



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Cant help with the gall stones but wanted to wish you well. Glad you had great hols too, 8lb is pretty good!! I am off there at Easter next yr and am dreading the gain that will inevitably follow!!

Look after yourself!


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What's the deal with gallstones and going back on to SS? Would it be better to wait until after I have them sorted, would it do me any harm losing more weight in the time being?


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had cholycystisis myself last year . scan confirmed billary sand !!! if scan confirms stones they will whip out the gall bladder, keyhole surgery tends to be the favoured method . in hospital for overnight stay and about 6 weeks to recover ! hope you feel better soon .


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I had gallstones, stick to a low fat diet while waiting for the confirmation that it is gallstones, VLCD is fine cos no fat. I had my gall bladder removed through keyhole, no after effects at all (no wind etc etc) and was up and about and back to normal within 3 - 4 days. Hardly any pain at all from the op, just a little discomfort. Hope you get yours sorted soon hun x x x


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Sorry no advice re the gallstones, but sorry to hear you're in pain. Hopefully they will sort it for you soon.

Glad you enjoyed your holiday!
I had gall stones when I was 24 and had my gall bladder removed through key hole surgery.... My op came through within a month on the nhs and I was back at work a week afterwards (probably 3-5 days before you are back on your feet), was all fairly quick really!

My pains were often triggered by eating very fatty or spicey food, so I reckon sticking with cd might actually do you a favour!

My best advice afterwards is to get yourself some bio oil for the scars, works wonders!!


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I'm also sorry I can't help but I do hope that it's sorted out quickly and that you're not in any pain.

Get well soon!! xx

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