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I'm back - Only been about 2 years


Glass of wine anyone?
Hey Sexy Peeps,

Congrats to everyone that is doing so well on CD SS, really gives me motivation to make sure that i stay firmly on the horse and cart this time.

After an amount of time of the diet, well off any diet and am officially the heaviest i have ever been, i don't mind being this way, but would prefer that i lost a little, and it is a little. I don't want to turn into a stick insect. Last time i did it my CDC was admit that i got to 13st and as a rugby player and 6.2" i looked ill past 14 so the aim is 15, a nice comftable jean size and looking forward to life.

Well This is Day 1, it is 11.40 and so far no urges to head to the fridge or canteen, has to be a good thing. Trying the Apple porridge for lunch and had a ready mix for brekkie, weird i know, but i love the chocolate ready mix, so yummy, hehe

well i hope to stay and chat with you all, i remember that last time you gave some great support. Say hi, it is often weird being o of only a few men on CD at times but i love the challange,



xx ;);)
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Hi Mark :) There are a few more blokes kicking around on here too so you're not alone. Good luck!
i was built to be a rugby player too mark (but is never gonna happen lol) so i know what you mean about skinny not being a look for ya

stick with it, if you do it 100% it will work and when you come off the diet if you burn the calories you intake then you won't gain weight, simple equation really so i think it's a good frame of mind to get into

good luck


Cambridge Consultant
Hey Mark
Just wanted to say Welcome back and wish you luck on your journey..
You have done it before so you know how good CD is...
Heres to a great first week x
Welcome back Mark
good luck with your first week back on CD i am sure you will be fine as you know what your letting yourself in for but you know where we are if you need us or fancy a chat xx
Hi there,
Good on you for returning, at least you know what you are aiming for, having been there before...sure it'll take no time. Quite a few men about, anyway, it hardly matters too much, we're all here in the same boat regardless of our sex/age/background etc. As long as you don't mind the odd posts about totm and saggy boobs! Anyway, the male viewpoint is always appreciated!
Agree that a 13stone rugby player just don't seem right...!
Heres to a 100% week then. See you around. xx
Good luck buddy - but you didn't tell us how much you've got to lose ;)


Please kick my butt!!
Welcome back to the fold young man

Good luck, were only a click away if you need us.