i'm back to finish what I started this time last year!


Hi, this time last year I started Atkins - did very well - I started at 23stones (my highest) and lost alot of weight, I got down to 12st.10lbs. At the time I was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes, which is what gave me to incentive to join Atkins. However things went very down hill and even though I lost a hell of a lot of weight, I got very ill and ended up in hospital and they rediagnosed me with type 1 diabetes. One of the things with type 1 diabetes is that you lose weight no matter what you eat, so I don't know how much of my weight loss was down to that, or down to atkins! Anyway since starting on the Insulin in November i've put on weight and im now 13.07lbs. No where near where I was at my highest, but feeling really down about my weight again. When I was on atkins, I felt alive, I had so much energy and I was never hungry. So i'm now starting it again - much to my nurses disgust. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello again, and wish everyone much success in the new year!

Are there any other type 1 diabetics following Atkins out there? I'd love to get your feedback on how you cope with following the diet and did you cut down your short acting insulin quite a bit? I attempted the Dukan for a bit when first diagnosed, but got a lot of hypos, but I was a noob and didnt realise how much I needed to cut back the insulin on a low carb! Think ive got some needed info under my belt now though!
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Hi and welcome:D
We did have a type 1 with us who was doing really well - as long as you do with your doctor/nurse then fine. Unfortunately haven't seen leanne for a while

Anyhow, good luck and hope all goes well


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Hi Raynee

I remember you, and welcome back! Great job on the weight loss, that's amazing (however it happened) but so sorry to hear about you being in hospital. How is the diabetes going, do you feel you have it more under control now?

Look forward to chatting with you xx