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I'm Back to SSing! Loads of Encouragement and Buddys needed please!


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Hi everyone, I did about 2.5 weeks of Cambridge back in July but had to stop as I had a massive lack of funds over the summer. My bank account has now been topped up and I'm back on CD as of now. I'm having my first shake which is really nice (absense makes the heart grow fonder) and I'm going to leave to see my new CDC in about half an hour.

I'm very very excited but a wee bit nervous. Do anyone want to be my diet buddy?

Chika x
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Hi all this is my first time on CD and I am finding it really hard. I had a mega sore head yesterday and generally felt ill the whole day. I had a shake for breakfast, then a soup for lunch, come dinner I couldnt face another one as I was feeling extremely sick. I went to bed with the sore head and still have it. I need someone to tell me how to get rid of this and will the CD get easier. I am getting married on 14 June next year, and really I am determined not to give up.

Suzie WongXX


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Hey Suzie, are you drinking loads of water? Keep drinking and drinking, even when you don't feel like it.

Try to have the 3 packs, as you need the nutrients in them. If you don't have them, you will just go into starvation mode. Just persevere, another day or two and you should feel fine.
Hi ShellBell

Thanks for replying. I drank 2 litres of water yesterday. I know I have to have my 3 packs, I made a choco mint one for dinner, and honestly I took one sip and thought I was going to be sick, it wasnt that it tasted that bad, it was the way I was feeling. In still in bed just now, so my fiance brought me in two tablets to try and get my sore head away, then I will hopefully feel better. I am not feeling that hungry, its the sore head thats killing me the most.

I really like this forum for help and support. As I dont know anyone who has done the CD.

Suzie WongX


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Hi everyone thanks for the repsonses, just a very quick reply cos I have to go and see my CDC. YES I would LOVE to chat to you all on msn - my addy is for absolutley anyone who wants a natter.

Suzie, you need to try and have a bit more water, i had a grim headache for the first couple of days but as soon as I upped my water to at least four litres a day It dissappeared.
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Suzie, the headache is caused by carb withdrawal, the headache will be gone in a day or 2. Stick with it, your first week loss will make it worthwhile. Like the others said tho, keep drinking plenty of water.
Hi all

Thanks for all your help and advice. Was lying in bed there trying to get rid of sore head. Just got up and having my first litre of water. I should try and have a shake now. Did anyone have that shakey feeling as if you have the flu!!! God I must be the worst moaner on this.

Suzie WongX
I better add myself to this too.
My addy is [email protected]
Add me to your msn and lets keep each other going
Hi all

Well im sorry to say I couldnt do it. I almost fainted earlier today, and have been sitting ill for two days. I couldnt do it anymore, I am just going to stick to ww, I know it doesnt have as good weight loses but I just couldnt do CD, I basically lay on the couch for two days and felt absolutely awful.

Good luck to all with it though, it seems to have great results.

Will keep in touch my ww loses.

Suzie WongXX
Hey everybody,
Day 2 of ssing and i am back in ketosis. Yipee.
Didn't take long cause i had been staying away from the carbs a few days before i went back to ssing. Am so happy that I am in fat burning mode.
And - want to hear the big news???????????????????????????????????????
I am wearing a size 14 top today
Have a great day

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