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I'm back too!

Hi everyone. For those of you who don't know me I did LL back in 2008 and loss 171lbs. I maanged to keep it off pretty well although a few lbs have crept on each year. I ran the London Marathon in April this year. I ate LOADS when I was training and still kept the weight off which was great. However, since then I have had surgery on my jaw and done hardly any exercise and just eaten rubbish- it's amazing what you can eat without chewing! The surgeon told me I would need double my normal intake of calories and I took her on her word and subsequently am 4 stone over what I was when I finished LL back in 2008. I'm 3 months post op now so allowed to do LL but I don't think I can see the full portential off my new face until I shift this extra weight. So I'm back on the waggon again. Week one done and I've lost 11lbs which I'm delighted with. I just want to feel great about myself again for Christmas. I have a friend who is a hypnotherapist and has really helped me to keep my weight off so I'm hoping a combination of LL and her help will mean I'm back on trac again in no time. Good to see some 'old' faces still lurking too!
This is my motivation picture...

And this is my new face!...
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S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Hi Rachel! Join the crowd! The more the merrier!!! :D

I remember that pic when you posted it!! You will get there again.

My word, what in the world have they done to your mouth/jaw?? Wowser!!! I cannot see anything wrong in your picture, you have a great smile....can I ask what you had done? I hope you are feeling well now but I bet it was sore!!!

Hey BL. Good to hear from you. How are you getting on?

I had a bimaxiofacial osteoteomy which basically means they broke my bottom jaw and moved it back and my top one was moved forwards (and held in place with plates and pins). I was advised I was going to need the surgery 22 years ago but have put it off a long time! It's not a cosmetic thing (although it has changed my appearance slightly) but has cured my sleep aopnea and stopped the pain I was getting when chewing too. And hopefully means I can keep my own teeth the rest of my life!

Painful as it sounds it didn't hurt much at all because the nerves in your face get damaged during surgery so I was just completely numb. The feeling is almost all back now though and I've stopped dribbling which is a good thing!

Looking forward to seeing the final results once my podgy cheeks go!
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
ahhh, well that was quite a procedure!! I am so glad to hear its improved your quality of sleep!!! That is a very good thing!! Dd you suffer frm TMJ? They thought I might have had that at one point because teeth were not aligning it properly and was quite painful....so glad to hear you are better for it!!

I am doing good - coming back to LL as a real and proper newbie has been a very good thing. nearly 2.5 stone gone so far so close to my half way mark phew!!

We'll do it again, ay!! :)


WHen do you get your gorgeous little pupster???
yes, I had TMJ too and now it's all fixed. Feels great and I'll hopefuly be getting my braces off in about 10 weeks so it'll be a whole new me!
Rufus has arrived! I had a problem with the previous breeder so found a new one and picked him up on Friday. He's a real monkey but I love him far too much already. Here he is post scrambled egg and with his favourite toy (a yoghurt pot!)

ps 2.5 stone is GREAT! well done you. I know you're had a really rough time so onwards and upwards we go. Feeling better about your weight will be something to feel really positive about :)
Wow Rachel, he's gorgeous.
Your jaw x-ray took me right back:
I had a fiance years ago(35!!!) who had broken his jaw as a teenager and had to have a similar operation. In those days it was pioneering in that all the surgery was done from inside the mouth, teeth were removed, kept alive and re-planted. As well as all the advantages you mention it will
help your digestive system too, proper chewing eventually etc.
We went to Zurich for 3 months. It was a Swiss surgeon who had developed the technique operating on American soldiers injured in warfare.
There was a lot of salt water involved in the healing process.
I remember reading David Niven's book The Moon's a Balloon out loud and making us both laugh so much it caused a haemorrhage and we both got told off!
Sorry to go off on a tangent there.............
The Prof said it would take at least a year for everything to completely settle. It did. You'll suddenly realise everything is the new "normal for you.

Good for you for coming back to LL. I'll be doing the same when I've finished my treatment. xxx

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