I'm back.... with scary news!


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Hello everyone!

I'm back on the 'TFR hype' ;) with some daunting news. Does anyone remember, a fortnight ago, the 2 part series on ch4 'Will my crash diet kill me'? Well, I was bored watching it and decided to apply for the next series and ive got a TV crew coming to meet me next week, to see if i'm suitable! So might be on TV in August :) It's following Lipotrim with me, I werent sure if I should do LT or Exante but LT's very strict and I need that to do this sort of diet :) So, if all is well, i'll be taking the crew with me on Wednesday to the chemist to pick up my first 'lot'. Quite nervous, but who knows if i'll be suitable in the first place! Either way, i'm back on LT and I do look forward to coming on here with my questions, breakdowns, goodtimes etc! :D xx
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Well that's exciting! :D Good luck! xx


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wow thats brilliant can i have ur autograph lol, good luck hun xx


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Woohoo, good on ya, hope it goes well :)


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Wow good luck.

btw Exante is just as strict as LT - its just the same ;)


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thats great news - congrats.


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OMG how exciting!!! I would find that a great motivator, I'd want to prove to all the viewers that I could succeed. Wishing you the best of luck :)


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How exciting fizzstar! I don’t think I'd ever have the confidence to go on TV like that but it's so fab that your going to do this! I really hope you get on ok next week and good luck! Can't wait to hear how you get on!

Tc X


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Wow, if thats not enough to motivate I don't know what is!!! Very exciting x


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great news i'm delighted for you :)


bye bye belly
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I'm totally, poo-ing myself! I dont know if I should be happy/nervous/giddy lol!!! I know LT and exante are the same but LT feels more strict (week WIs etc)... I hope im deemed suitable, it'll be brilliant motivation, showing the country tfr isnt as bad as made out etc and having everyone seeing if I get on or fail.... ooooh :D

irish molly

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Well done ! Look forward to seeing you on tv. Meantime, keep us posted on how it goes.


bye bye belly
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Thanks SL. I'll have a gander, see if I can find her.

Thank you everyone, if I get picked i'll let you all know :)


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O sooo exciting. Njoy d experience. N u should try get them 2 pay d costs of d diet ha.


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She lives near me the local paper did an article on her progress....2 weeks after the programme...about right


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Wow how exciting, you are braver tham me going on Tv, hope all goes well for you x