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I'm Back :/


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Hi all. I am back from having a brilliant holiday in Turkey.

Had my weigh in yesterday the first in 2 weeks, ans was quite suprised i had only put 4lb. but in the first week of refeed i put on 5 1/2. so in total 9 1/2 on in 3 weeks not so good.

Back on TFR now for the duration. i can lose the 9 1/2 in the first 2 weeks.

I would just like to note though i didn't really enjoy the eating. does that sound daft?? it was all inclusive and the food wasn't very appitising, and i stuck to salad and chicken all week (with a pud here or there) and i only ate 3 meals a day. but eating just felt....well boring. i just didnt really want it, yet 3 weeks ago i would have killed for a ham sandwich. i think i had learned alot without realising. and the break in a way has done me good because this time i am not sure i will have the food demons around quite so often.

good times ahead yay
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Well done on only putting on 4lb in an all exclusive holiday. Best of luck with your first week back.


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Welcome back - you'll soon get that off! Best of luck with it x


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Hi Kerry,
welcome back, you will soon be on your way again and that weight will drop right off. It's amazing how the thing we may have craved most doesn't quite do it for us when we get to have it. Hope it has made you motivated to keep on till the end. Best of luck.
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Hi Kezzerbelle

Welcome back from sunny Turkey...how lovely.
I know what you mean by overeating and feeling lousy on holiday!! I went to Egypt all inclusive and the food was amazing...my little fat eyes popped out of my little fat face when I saw it all laid out, breakfast, lunch, dinner....it was like pull yourself commando style on your elbows across the buffet table. Ugh!!
Well....no more!!! Thanks to now doing LT I am re-thinking my terrible eating habits, it feels ghastly swanning around in the XXXXXL swimsuit in the heat feeling overstuffed. No, no no!!
Well done to you getting right back on track, and good luck to losing the last of your weight. It will be gone in no time. LT...the best..... me- :love:-LT!!


Life is not a Rehersal!
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Hi Kezzerbelle

Well done for only putting on that amount and on holiday too...you will lose the gained weight easily over the next week or so.

Whereabouts in Turkey did you go? My hubby is Turkish :) And the food is usually a big issue with me when I go, but I am hoping when I am there in August my food thought process :) has changed and I will eat more sensibly.

Have a good week.


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Only 4lbs?? You did really well! I put on 11lbs in a week! It does come off very quickly tho

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