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I'm back...........

I arrived back from my week away with my Mum who is 87.
We had a really lovely time together which both of us will always remember. We went to Bulgaria to see one of her friends who lives there.
This time we had together seemed even more precious after the situation BL has had recently losing her Mom.

The weather was warm and sunny.
I wore a bright swimsuit for the first time in a quarter of a century.
I was not embarrassed to lie on my sun lounger by the pool or on the beach!
I wasn't worried that the aircraft seat belt
wasn't going to do up.
I didn't spill out into the aisle.
I could sit on the plane with my legs crossed.
My tray table went down flat.
I didn't eat my wodgy bread roll or cake.
I got chatted up by the guy next to me.
I could go on and on (I know I ususally do!)
These are all reasons that remind me how wonderful Lighter Life has been for me.
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Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Hi lovey - welcome back, and happy birthday! I tried to post happy birthday THREE times yesterday and the site kept crashing on me!!! grrrrr

SO glad you had a wonderful time. And you are right - it is VERY special you had that time together. Very.

You look beautiful in that photo!! Both of you do! What a special time for you both.



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Hi there
Glad you had a good time.
love the photo, your mum looks great (obviously you do too!)

all the things you have listed - fantastic!

Daisy x
Thank you hun xx:thankyouthankyou:
I did have a great birthday too.:candle1:
M had kept everything going well here and watered all my flowers.
I was met by balloons everywhere and pink champagne.
:553: :party0036:
He bought me a bottle of my favourite perfume and a pink dress from one of our favourite type of shops (!). It fits perfectly. He told the woman I had lost lots of weight...bless!!!!:d'oh:
Last night we went out for an Indian meal with a couple of friends. :candledinner:

I'm so lucky I'm off work this week, loving the sunshine.:character00238:
Hope to see you soon. Dx :sign0168:

Looby Lew

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woo hoo fantastic tales of holiday bliss ... makes me very jealous!
Belated birthday wishes too!


Determined to succeed
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Wow SB - felt myself wellingup reading that because I know how im going to feel next year getting on the plane and being able to do all the things you did - the main thing being that the table comes right down.Well done and happy belated birthday x
Thank you all for your kind comments and birthday wishes.
Looby - 2lbs to go - that's great !!!
Thanks Pete, you are not looking too bad youself. Have you had the stag week-end?
The wedding must be about now I think.
Thanks SB, I'm still about 12lbs up from where I was last year at one point, but back in the gym + LL so it's coming off again at least. I'm *so* determined not to put it back on again this time, had enough of going up-and-down the same 1-2 stone now! lol :p

The "Stag Do" holiday is August 2nd to 5th, wedding on September 11th. Still time to shed a bit more poundage yet! :)


Playing the Angel
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SB you and your Mom look totally amazing!!! I am so glad you ahd such a wonderful time :) I must admit I am looking forward to flying as a thin person. It must have been amazing.

Happy Happy Birthday too, I hope it was a magical one for you.

If you and SB have some time off in August, I have a few days leave and it would be great to have a girly day out again.



I will do this!
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so glad you had such an amazing time, sounds fabulous and thanks for reminding me why this hard work is worth it x


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Hi SB :)

Gorgeous pic of you and your mum - you both look soooo happy, and very glam too!!!

Hope you had a good b'day too :) xx
Thank you Lucy, I had a great time and a fab birthday. So lucky to have had this week off work too.
Funny thing happened today - I wore turquoise shorts !!!!
I didn't see anyone laugh and the world didn't stop turning - amazing. :8855:
Love to you and J xx


Silver Member
SB...good to hear you and your mum had a fab time. You are looking amazing, and I love your comment about the turquoise shorts in the post above :8855:

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