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I'm back !


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Hey folks.

Well after a long break due to illness, i'm now back on board.

Started again this morning.
Sticking to Tetras only for now, and see how i get on.

Enjoying all the water on this warm morning, going to go back to my 4L per day that i done before too.

Hope everyone is doing well.
Not sure who's all still about from last November though.

Catch you all soon.
(i'd better update my ticker too. :( )

Byeeeeeeeeeee. :D
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Good luck with the restart x


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Welcome back and good luck!


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welcome back tt and good luck with the restart xx


Strong women stay slim
Welcome Back Tom
OK so how is your first day going ? are you drinking all the water from the drum hehe , ice cold is good , good time of year to start as we don't feel so hungry more thristy
Best of luck with the restart :)


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Hi again folks.
Thanks for all the welcomes. :)

Yep, drinking lots today...not emptied the drum yet this time though MsJMC :D

First day going well, i dont see my CDC till tonight though, but i still had Tetras from last time, so i started on them today.

Dreading the weigh in though ! eek.


Strong women stay slim
hi tom , how did the weigh in go ? Well you are back on track now and sorting it out . Keep drumming lol


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Hey you.
Went ok...10lbs back on since December. I'm well impressed when i think of the rubbish i've eaten everyday.

Still, will be back on track soon i hope.
CDC is going away for 3 weeks, so next week i pick up 3 weeks worth of Tetras, so after next week, i wont be weighing myself for 3 weeks !!!

Still glugging away though...although i'm at the toilet more often than the woman in the office :D


Strong women stay slim
Tom... 10 lb you will lose that within your first week on CD , being Male also . So 3 weeks worth , wow , hehe .
People will be talking in the office soon , they will say ... was taht him again going to the Loo lol , how much have you drunk and do they know your a CD fruit and nut lol , do you remember the secret lemonade drinker , where he creeps down the stairs , well thats you but to the toliet lol, would be nice to be drinking lemonade instead of all this water . I'll be watching your ticker moving faster than you think Tom !


Strong women stay slim
Just looking at your ticker Tom , hey how much did you lose , did i see it at 15 the other day ? and now 27 , tell me how much did you lose ? Hows it going Tom anyway ?

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