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I'm bacl tail between legs!!

Well I have sooo many LT attempts under my belt, this time I mean business!
I was at a party on Friday with my boyfriend and all his mates and a drunk fella came in and hugged me and said "YOU,RE GORGOUS, BIG GIRLS ARE BEAUTIFUL!" I wanted the ground to swallow me up!

I'm serious now, X-Factor 6 week challange here I come!!
So hi to everyone, I look forward to being on this journey with you all!!

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Otherwise known as Jools
Hi Daisy, I remember you - dont worry I'm coming back too - have put on loads due to stress and worry over a few issues and I really miss being smaller, I want to get back to what I was when I stopped and then some. I shall be doing a bit of LT and Exante.

Good luck

Aw I remember you too!!
I can't wait to get smaller again, I need to lose 2stone even to BEGIN to regain my confidence!!
I have about 2 weeks worth of LT and a few Celeb slim shakes then I'll go to the chemist and get LT or Target slim
(same thing, vlcd 3 shakes but it's irish and new so cheaper!)

I have to say, having put on weight after losing it, knocked my confidence more than before I ever lost any and I was 3 stone heavier!!



Getting there!!!
hi daisy! im going to go the chemist on friday to get my lipotrim,i tried cambridge diet a few weeks ago and couldnt do one full week on it cause i had so much happening around me so im going for a fresh start tomorrow,i have my cd shakes to do me until friday and then im gonna start lipotrim,but whats targetslim n how much is it? im in swords,dublin,where are you from? :) thanks!!
targetslim.com That's the website, my friends doing it and said it's pretty much the exact same but prefers the shakes, it's cheaper too I think.
I'll finish the pile I have here first, really nervous but I've gotten so ddown about my weight!!
I'm in Raheny Triv :)


Getting there!!!
no way! ive never found any1 so close to dublin b4 on dis lol! well i have 4 stone 1lb to lose, im so disappointed i put it all bac on so im hoping this time im gonna be sensible,i might try hypnotheraphy to see will it help change me attitude with food when im closer to goal? some say it works,so ill try anything!!! think ill stick with lt cause its my local chemist just down the road from me so early weigh ins will can be done! not looking forward to going back and grovelling lol!
I have had to find two new LT chemists!
I lost 8stone in 2008 and regained SIX of them- the shame!!
I was thinking the exact same thing- hypnotherepy- cos loosing it really is the easy bit!!
I'm determind, that comment on friday night devestated me!

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Daisy and Jools, Hi. I remember you both. Lots of luck to you on your renewed journey. You both know the drill. Keep busy as poss during the first week and drink loads and loads of water.
You can do this, just stay strong.

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