Tail between my legs ...


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I left my old Slimming World group that I originally lost over 30lbs with last year when I had finished uni/had no idea what I was doing/had lots going on - I didn't tell the C as I felt bad, I just didn't ever go back.

I really liked that group but joined another as I felt I couldn't go back. I love this group too, the C is amazing and so supportive - thing is my car has died and I can't make it to the second group, I want to return to the first and try and keep on track but I feel so embarrassed to go back with my tail between my legs :confused:

Has anyone returned to a group they left? Is it as bad as I am imagining it to be?
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Go and enjoy the warm welcome you're going to get returning to your original group.

I originally did SW about 9yrs ago. and left and like you couldn't face going back to that group when i came back 27months ago- was embaressed to - things however weren't necessarily right in my new group which was just around the corner from work. first time i had a holiday on weigh-in day - i thought i'd go back to that original group which still had the same consultant - i'm glad i did - found it much better and then eventually left the group around the corner from work and went back to my first ever group and been there ever since - no embaressment, no bad feelings - just a warm welcome back.


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Dont worry it will be ok, Im sure u will be welcomed with open arms because sometimes everyones situation changes so Im sure your consultant will understand this xxxx


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go back!!
i havent personally done it but have friends that have and you will recieve a warm welcome!!


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I guarantee you will be as welcome as the flowers in Spring!

I see long-lost members in my group (been going 4 months now) returning all the time and a great fuss is made of them and also the general "buzz" or "vibe" of the group improves.

I've been in loads of social groups in loads of hobbies over the years and nothing compares to SW in this respect.

Do it and you'll wonder what the fuss was all about.



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This is my 3rd time back at my old group!!
I was over thinking it and was feeling really bad but as always my C was warm welcoming and really good about it!
remember they go through it too and know how you feel!
it really wasnt as bad as i was thinking it was goin to be!!! :D


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I've been back to the same group and they were happy to see me! It is hard but you have to think of yourself and if your old/new group is going to keep you more motivated it's worth biting the bullet and going back!


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hold your head up high, you are now wanting to get back on track, thats what counts xx