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I'm baking some biscuits!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by HellieCopter, 26 October 2009 Social URL.

  1. HellieCopter

    HellieCopter Woman vs Cake

    They are in the oven now *points* and although are a bit of an experiment (wholemeal flour shortbread anyone?!?!) they still smell fab. I've made them for OH, as he's been particularly lovely recently, and I will take some into work for my team.

    Can I have one? Just one? Can I? I could conveniently forget that I'm supposed to be doing Extra Effort™ and eating lots of superfree foods to eradicate the damage of the weekend....

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  3. MadMax

    MadMax Well-Known Member

    hhmmm I'm sure I can smell them ;) if they're good can you post the recipe??
  4. jaylou

    jaylou Well-Known Member

    Only if I can have one too........
  5. Vixxster

    Vixxster Nojo on the YoYo

    If you're really really doing Extra Effort™ then syn em dudette there's no reason why you can't have some!!
  6. HellieCopter

    HellieCopter Woman vs Cake

    Um...because I've got no syns left until Christmas?!?!

    I will post the recipe if they work but I just think the flour might be too heavy. And there's so much butter in them! And sugar...

    lol! Jay, I'll send you one but Royal Mail might not deliver!
  7. Vixxster

    Vixxster Nojo on the YoYo

    LOL really?? You've been on the CBA™ plan with me then have yer?
  8. pinktiger

    pinktiger Well-Known Member

    Yummm I was gonna attempt the squidgy chocolate cake but my ovens about to blow up I think. Was making funny noises after we'd finished doing dinner so OH pulled it out and there's scorch marks up the back of it. Might try the scan bran cake instead (got a craving for a pud you see)
  9. HellieCopter

    HellieCopter Woman vs Cake

    LOL! No, I've been on the I've been Slimming Specifically To Fit Into This Bridesmaid Dress And Now It Fits And I'm Wearing Wonderpants So I'm Damn Well Going To Eat, Drink And Enjoy This Wedding™ plan this weekend!
  10. Laddiesboy

    Laddiesboy I ♥ Slimming World :)

    You're making biscuits that you can't even eat yourself?

    OMG you're an angel!!

    Now come round my house lol, and bring the biccies :)
  11. henna!

    henna! I can do this............

    lol! you girlies do make me laugh! Enjoy the biscuits if they get the better of you! whats one biscuit gonna do with wonderpants!! LOL! Shouldnt have said that!!! STAY AWAY!! LOL!
  12. Littleslimmingbee

    Littleslimmingbee Well-Known Member

    Extra Effort™

  13. Wishfairies

    Wishfairies Well-Known Member

    omg, I really fancy a biccy dipped into a nice strong cup of tea. Oh the memories.
  14. pamella

    pamella Well-Known Member

    don't cave in girl!!
    remember-a moment on the lips and a lifetime on the hips!!!!

  15. HellieCopter

    HellieCopter Woman vs Cake

    I HAD ONE!! It was ok. It was little. I have calculated it as 2 syns. That's 2 syns to add to the humongous syn deficit. I'm so gaining this week! LOL! Ah well. How could I not sample my own baking?
    It was wholemeal flour...it's fiiiiine!

    But the other half of the dough is still in the fridge...!
  16. jaylou

    jaylou Well-Known Member

    Freeze the dough missy!!! You can then cook it from frozen if you feel the need - I speak from experience!

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