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Discussion in 'Exante' started by louiser, 27 December 2013 Social URL.

  1. louiser

    louiser Trying very hard!

    Hi everyone :)

    I have ordered my boxes and am starting all over again on the 2nd of January.

    I had great success with the Cambridge diet a few years ago but have regained the 7 stone I lost. I do believe this is due to be stopping a stone from my goal weight though so I plan not to make the same mistake again.

    I took up with exante last year and loved it but fell pregnant and poorly (wasn't able to continue with pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy) so had to stop.

    I am super excited (going off food big time and feeling rough!) and can't wait! I am hoping to get nice and healthy to be able to start thinking about starting a family.

    Louise xxx
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  3. Getslimquick

    Getslimquick Been liberated by Exante!

    Good luck. It works. It will be worth it.

  4. Getslimquick

    Getslimquick Been liberated by Exante!

    PS It will really help if you drastically reduce carbohydrates and alcohol on the first of January. It makes the move to ketosis a little more bearable.
    Don't forget to drink lots of water too. It cures most things.

  5. lynneonextante

    lynneonextante Lynne will be thin!

    Hi Louise. Welcome and good luck. If you've lost 7 st before you muxt have a lot of willpower. I'm restarting on 2nd January so keep a look out for you.
  6. mimibrown510

    mimibrown510 Member

    Good luck for tomorrow! It's my day one today :)
  7. weelanie

    weelanie Full Member

    Good luck! I am on day one as well today so lets get this weight off for good :)
  8. mimibrown510

    mimibrown510 Member

    Good luck. Hope day one went ok :)
  9. louiser

    louiser Trying very hard!

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    As I had a big meal with my family for new years I didn't manage to reduce my carbs. I started before on Boxing day so it would appear I am not very good at that!

    So far I am doing / feeling ok. I have had a couple of hot drink mixes to get me through. With the most silly little bit in though but it makes me feel better.

    On the run up to this I was actually excited and feeling I was sick of food and couldn't wait. Naturally now the day is here the thoughts of "oh why don't you just do healthy eating, it'll take 3 times as long but its nicer" "Oh why don't you have a meal in the evening". Only natural I suppose.

    In the big picture its such a small amount of time to "suffer" to get the good stuff. If I am not at goal by summer I am going to be so cross with myself I think!

    x x x
  10. louiser

    louiser Trying very hard!

    Its back with a vengeance! Everything I hyped myself up about last week is slipping away......!

    I am being very positive and trying to block it all out!

    I have been thinking about waiting a whole month to weigh myself but now I am guessing I will need to see the scales moving to help me through!
  11. brightonworm

    brightonworm Member

    hi sounds like we're really similar i did cambridge 3 years ago went from 20.2st to 12st then put it all back on then started again jan 2013 at 17.3 then went down to 13.13 now i havent got my scales i think i'm probably around 18 so good luck and maybe we can exchange some encouraging words from time to time and then keep it off cos I cant not be arsed to be at this point again!!
  12. ExanteSlim

    ExanteSlim Full Member

    Well done you're doing so good. I restarted, again, today :)

    Keep it up!
  13. wannadrop3st

    wannadrop3st Full Member

    I'm the same, I keep thinking about healthy eating, in fact that is what I am doing now as I am not starting exante till next Sunday, however the healthy eating allows the option of 'just one' and this is where I fall down, I lost 3 1/2 stone with CD and stopped thinking I can manage it myself :0( and now here I am back to where I was, still messing around with WW or SW or whatever and I know I will never lose the weight on those diets. They just don't work for me!! I have to take the food out of the picture completely!!
    you can do it, good luck x x x
  14. louiser

    louiser Trying very hard!

    So far so good. I have even managed to pop out for a drink with friends and have soda water!

    I arranged to meet for dinner on Saturday, I chose the harvester to give myself a fighting chance. I chose the chicken but asked for no chips and some green beans instead of peas. She completely ignored me and I didn't want to make a fuss so I donated my chips and got myself some lettuce from the salad bar. I even watched my friend eat her dessert. I honestly felt ok, empowered if anything :)
  15. lynneonextante

    lynneonextante Lynne will be thin!

    Well done!

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