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Original I'm confused with the plan.


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I may have the wrong end of the stick but what IS the Point in red days. On ee I can have as much meat and potatos etc as I like and one hex. On red I can have my potatos as a hex b but as much meat as I like. I can't see how red days work. If I had a potato as my hexb that leaves Me with one hexb left to have which would be the same if I was doing ee. I hope someone can understand what I'm going on about. X
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People would choose red if they wanted to restrict their carbs, if they didn't want to follow the third superfree rule (EE) or if they wanted 2 HexA and 2 Hexb's. HTH!


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But on red days you can't eat for example, as much pasta as you want along with other things. I do red days nearly all the time as if I did EE I think I would cheat as it's not restrictive enough for me personally.
I also like having 2 healthy extra's of A and B. You need to find the plan that suits you and your lifestyle

Good luck
I do understand . Red and green days were the origanal plans on SW and way it worked was that if you dont mix carbs and protein in a day you loose weight .....and any carbs you do have (HEB ) are limited to a small amount so you dont over do them .
I do red days and dont often use pasta or potatoes as a HE B as i like to have cereal and then scan bran or cereal bars for lunch , but if i did , it would be a measured amount of brown pasta or rice . I know that carbs bloat me and on EE I was able to overstuff the white carbs and didnt loose very well .
I love red days now and use butternut squash as a potato substitute and it wokrs better for me .
If you dont like it , then go back to EE :D


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I have a red day if i want some meat, and cereal and bread as well in a day, I am learning you dont need potatos, i used to have them all the time now if i want meat i have swede chips or mash


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I love Red days - cos i can have the hugest steak EVER!!! and not have to worry about adding a third of superfree for every meal.

Carbs bloat me - so i only have them in moderation. So an EE/Green day isnt going to help me.....so i choose red, cos then i get 2 HEA and 2 HEB choices - yum yum yum.

I think if you have only done SW since EE was introduced i can see why you would be a little confused....i am 'old school' and love Red days and i am used to them - but do have the odd EE day each week to maintain a healthy balanced eating plan.

WOW Ellebell - looks at you, stunning, you look fabulous

I am also going to be doing mainly red days. I just can't get my head around EE and also want to restrict my carbs as much as possible. I won't be having any bread (it bloats me)


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i like to do either red or green days in place of extra easy as i struggle to get 1/3 of superfree food onto my plate, as i'm not overly keen on salad or veg. i do eat alot of fruit though, so often if i do an extra easy day i make sure i have fruit for afters. everyone's different, it's just finding something that works for you! :]

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