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I'm considering CD and I just have some questions


I've been reading this forum yesterday and today and I have to say that I am SO impressed with how well people are doing that I am almost convinced to start myself.

I'm just a little concerned about a few things and I'm hoping someone can help. I don't understand how you keep the weight off when you "finish" the diet? How bad is the first week? I know what I get like when I'm hungry, I'm a right grouch! :)

If you loose the weight at the rate people are on here, do you not get loose skin and saggy bits etc.

I'm 23 (No I'm not I'm 24.... OMG!), 196lbs and 5'7. I wanted to loose a between 60-70lbs, but I don't want to get too thin, so I'd stop when I felt comfortable.

Thanks Vic x

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Hi Vic

I was 196 and 5 foot 6 and 24 ha ha ha ive lost 2 and bit stone now and got no saggy skin hun think it stretches back as we're so young. 1st week is tough but gets easier when u start seeing results xxxxxx
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hey, welcome :)

i am 27 and started of at 242 and 5.7 i am now 176 pounds, my tummy is a bit saggy because its full of stretch marks from having 2 kids :).. am still yet to finish, still got another 2 stone to go.. fingers crossed :)
hi hun, id def recommend it. ive lost 3stone so far, havent any saggy skin yet. If you drink plenty of water that helps with it and there is oils and creams people on here use to help with it.

becky xx

Shrinking Nicky

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How do you keep the weight off? I tell all my ladies when I first meet them that if they go back to eating what they ate in the quantities they ate it it will go back on for the same reason it went on in the first place! However if you change your eating habbits - & a CDC will talk about this with you then you will be able to maintain. I lost 5 1/2 stone & loved it so much I became a counsellor. I have put some back on (but I have had a baby!) so I am back on the diet & losing it again.

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Hi hun there are a number of plans you work your way up through until you are eating a healthy balanced diet and (hopefully) are re-educated about what you can eat to lose/maintain weight. After that, as Shrinking Nicky says, you need to be able to maintain using what you have learned through working up the plans- which is why it is so important to see it through to completion.

Thanks guys, that helps!

Do any of you know generally how many calories you can consume once you come off the diet? I would imagine it's considerably lower than the recommended 2000.

If I'm honest, I'm a little scared that I'm going to find it too difficult. I don't know how I would cope not eating solids.

But then I think, on the other hand that you guys will have been in the same boat as me and you can do it.

Bah... I dunno what to do. How do I go about finding a counselor?


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