I'm craving chocolate so bad right now.


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Have you got choccie in the house?

How about melting down 3 syns-worth and drizzling it over fresh fruit. Allow to chill. Sweet, chocolate covered fruit that goes a lot further :)


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If you want you can use the syns you were thinking of using tomorrow and just have a small chocolate bar (but no more) :)


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weight watchers instant whip.! in a sachet only 2 1/2 syns the lot when made with skimmed milk..! loads of different flavours.. banoffe..chocolate..banana strawberry.. make up as directed then pour over fresh fruit.. soo yummy.! its my treat of an evening. when ive been good all day. hopes this helps u lushx


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When you go out shopping - buy in some mini bars of Green & Black Choc (selection box features about 6 flavours and each small miniature bar is only 3.5 syns) OR buy the individual squares selection box of G & B which gives you Milk, Plain and White to choose from - each square is only 1.5 syns and PROPER CHOCCY !!!! YUM!!


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I just had a HI-FI choc orange bar as my HEB - chcolate fix and syn-less!!

Treat yourself to an options hot chocolate for 2 syns