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I'm dreading my WI today - update!


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It's my 5th WI today, so I know I should still be getting fairly good losses. I weigh on my scales morning, noon and night (I know, I know!) but it looks like I've only lost 1-1.5lbs this week. To say I'm upset is an understatement. You work all week battling the 'feed me' demons to be rewarded with such a low loss. It wasn't as if I had had a big loss last week either, only 3lbs last week.

I just find it so de-motivating. I've increased my exercise a bit this week, stuck to SS 100%. The only thing that I can possibly put my finger on is my fluid intake. I struggle to drink water, so try to have a mix of water/coffee/diet coke. I've remained in strong ketosis throughout, and not succombed to temptation. I also struggle to have the 2.25 litres too. I work 3 long days a week at work (leaving the house at 07.30 and getting home at 22.00) and struggle to take fluids on, I only get 1 15 min break and 2 1/2 hour breaks. I working in a busy A&E, so often I don't have time to leave the dept to get a drink. Do you think this could be slowing my losses down?
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hi Ruth. Just looked at your losses so far. You've lost 22lb! I'd say that if you had a loss of 1 or 1.5lb this week, then thats good. your body takes time to adjust and as you've had a speedy loss, give it a week to get itself back in tune. Drinking water will affect your loss if you're not having enough.. try having more before your first shake and after, then again at lunch and tea.. Then you can sip the rest in the eve or after your shift.. It doesn't seem that you're trying to get it all in that way, more of a natural feeling too.

Please don't worry about your limited loss, you've done so well already, celebrate that for a week by doing some pampering and then next week you'll see the loss for sure. xx
Hi Ruth, I just want to say hi and to hang in there, I am sure a more experienced CDer will be along soon with more advice. I am also in week 5 but dont weigh in untill Fri...and I weigh everyday too and it can be so frustrating when the scales dont show the loss we are expecting. I think the water intake is key, I work from home though most of the time so dont have the challenges you do. Hugs and best wishes.


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Please don't be upset hun. I'm the same this week (totm) I feel like a beach whale.

If I was you hun one thing I would change is diet coke, why don't you try coke zero instead? That doesn't have citric acid in it. Although it's not 'really' allowed, it hasn't effected my losses having 1 can of coke zero a day. So maybe switch and see?

Some people find the water very hard to get down. I must admit I did myself at first, but seem to have gotten used to it, and i'm managing my 2.5 litres a day easy now. Have you tried the water flavourings? Also Boullion (you can buy at any supermarket) is good to add water to and drink. It's like a hot soup. My CDC told me to give it a try.

Keep your chin up sweetie. Even if you have lost 1 or 1.5 lbs this week, believe me you will have a brilliant loss next week. It sometimes happens that way. Have you been taking your measurements? Someone suggested it to me when I was disheartened with some wi's and I started doing it, and WOW! It's so true, if you don't drop pounds, you drop inches. Maybe give it a go?

Big Hugs x x x


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Hey Ruth..
Just wanted to say dont get disheartned.. Firstly I was the same as you getting on and off the scales, morning, lunch, night when I did a number 2 (lol) whatever excuse I was on them.. but until you go for wi thats when your real reading is.. my scales are different to my cdcs anyway.
Also the weeks I did the most exercise was the weeks I lost the least .. I know diet coke is not really 'allowed' so to speak on cd so not sure if this would make a difference..
I have been on cd for 18 weeks now...... For the first 13 weeks I did the same sometimes I lost 4 pounds sometimes 2 and now I am on ss+ and one week I lost 1 3/4 and another week 3 3/4...
Our bodies do strange things.. perhaps if you can try and drink a little more water..
Chin up hang in there and it will come off if your sticking with it..


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Well after all my winging and moaning I lost 2lbs, which was better than expected, lol! So then, 28lbs in 10 weeks, can it be done???? Watch this space!

EF - I'll try that with fluids before and after shakes, thats a good idea, thank you.

Imagisal - thanks for the support!

Emma - I get whatever happens to be on offer, so I've had some coke zero this week, but might be worth a try with just coke zero. I also have the berry water flavourings, but bizzarely, they sting my throat if I have too much! I also occasionally have a beef oxo cube, which helps! I have been measuring my waist and I've lost 5 inches since i started, I can really tell the difference as my uniforms feel a lot looser too!

CW1234 - Thank you. You've done so well, I love seeing people weight loss on their sigs, especially those who've been going for a while! Hope I can follow in your footsteps!
Glad your ok about your weight in, your doing ace xx


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Thanks Victoria, it was better than expected, aiming for at least 4lbs next week!


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Hi Ruth

2lb's is a good loss, I always look at that amount by thinking thats almost half a pound of spuds, lol.. Imagine carrying that around all day.. also a bag of sugar, again quite a heavy little number.. But thats now gone and yes, I would think that 28lb in 10 weeks is VERY possible. Good luck today with your water. xx


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Glad to hear that your weightloss was better than you imagined but sorry that it was not as much as you hoped.....
Today is another day and we need to get through each day as it comes...
Maybe cutting out the extras, such as Coke Zero and just going back to pure water may help...
I know that I am only on Day 3, but I have vowed to be as strict on myself as I need to be - after all I am the one who has got myself in this state - I'm the one who needs to get myself out of it...

Just remember we are all here for the same reason, we all need support and we all need EACH OTHER...

Glad to hear you had a loss

Ive been the same all week convinced nothing was coming off - but i did lose. You've had great losses so far :)
Thanks everyone. I've been good with the fluid intake so far, still not drinking the water as I just can't bring myself to drink it at the moment (OCD issues, lol!) Been having coke zero/dietcoke/coffee which seems to be ok (according to the scales this morning!)
I'm fine with diet coke, I've had it all the way through, and it's not knocked me out (yet!) I check my wee regularly and always been pink. I'm not as sensitive as some people are, thankfully!

I've had about 1.9 litres today, so well underway for my 2.25l!
Ruth well done on your losses hunnie, but at the risk of being lynched by you lot, this is the reason I will not have scales in my house....you got yourself in such a state because your scales told you your weightloss wasn't that good....I wish everybody would just get rid of their scales and wait til their official WI, and maybe we wouldn't stress so much (goes and hides behind the sofa) xxxx
No need to hide suzie, lol! I really really wish I was strong enough to get rid of the scales, but personally I feel i need to know roughly what sort of loss I'm in for when I get my official weigh in. Jumping on and off hte scales really keeps me going through the week, regardless of the fluctuations, lol!
my hubby binned our scales when i started this....so i measure myself every day instead lol.....bet he never seen that 1 coming..I too am dreading wi tomorrow as just started my TOTM today and am soooo bloated(put on 2 inches on my waist) :-(


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My scales have now taken up permanent residence in my attic as I was getting too obsessed with weighing myself. Although I do think sometimes they give u an incentive to stick 100% and not be naughty on weigh days xxx(not that I am lol)


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No need to hide suzie, lol! I really really wish I was strong enough to get rid of the scales, but personally I feel i need to know roughly what sort of loss I'm in for when I get my official weigh in. Jumping on and off hte scales really keeps me going through the week, regardless of the fluctuations, lol!
I feel the same Ruth.. My daily WI's keep me going, if they show a gain, then I step up on the water to get a loss. Its more of a control thing with me, I think! xx

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