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Im failing big time!


likes posting.
I started ww 3 weeks ago i lost 21/2 pounds first week then last week i put 1/2 on.This weekend has been really bad for me lots of eggs for my son, i went too a party on sunday had lots of wine & last night a chinese.:cry:
I know its my fault no one made me do it, now im feeling depressed & dont know if i dare go too my meeting on thursday.
I dont know whats up with me i want too do this for my hols in 8weeks,im going too be so fed up if i don lose some weight.
I guess i know all the answers just wanted to write all this down & start again.
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You can have a couple of good days before your weigh in on Thursday. I wouldn't put off going as you need the motivation and encouragement from the class to continue.

Irene xx
Hey hunny, I am really sorry to hear that you've had such a terrible few days, I have been exactly the same. I struggled to face weigh in on saturday because I knew i would gain, but it really motivates you to stick to it. Just start a fresh from today and by next week you will feel so so much better. xx
still got to your meeting hun, you still have time to get your self on track. I'd be surprised if you was the only one who fell behind at the weekend! You need to draw a line under the weekend and start a fresh. Write down everything your eating use all your points and remember if you want some chocolate you can have some but point it. You have a goal to aim for your holiday, so have that in the front of your mind from now on and im sure with the help of your class and the rest of us on mini mins you can do it!
Definitely go to your class on Thursday! For one thing if you stick to WW between now & then you may be pleasantly surprised.

Dont think you cant have chocolate and Chinese, as Laurie said, just factor them into your points. Chinese is actually generally pretty good points wise.

Go to your weigh in, get it over with and put this week behind you :)


likes posting.
Ok thanks for all your possitive comments,it means a lot to me . Im going to do this im having ww pasta sauce for tea so thats a start.Tomorrow im going to write down all ive had.Its funny but years ago i got too this weight & struggled just the same, then i had my son & put 4 stone on then never lost it till last year.
This happened to me so I took myself off and had a nice relaxing bath and thought about things because I truly believe I am a food addict I think about food all day long and I thought about everything that would be better etc when I lose the weight and things I could do which I cant do now. It really put things into perspective and put me back on the path to counting etc. Ive lost 5lbs in the past 2 weeks so im back on track sometimes you get lost on the way but you just stop look at the map and get back on track! You can do it hun x


likes posting.
i went too my weigh in tonight & ive put 3 pounds on i expected it.anyway this is it now im writing everything down & sticking too my points.Im not going too give in.


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You'll have that off next week if you stick to your points :)
when you miss lay your little book its the end of the world, i turn the house up side down looking for it. i depend on it its my life at the moment! And i actually enjoy writing in it

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