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Im flippin useless


Slowly but surely x
Hi girls and boys
Gah, since I stopped at the end of Jan, ive been on and off this diet and cannot replicate the momentum I had from Oct to Jan.
I promised three times since Mid Feb that I was back on track and ugh, I just cant stick at it. Its not the food thing either.
I used to wonder why people couldnt stick at it when they said they couldnt re-start. But now I know how hard it is.
So if you can help it, dont give yourself a break - STICK WITH IT! its so hard to pick it back up again.
Ive bought 4 weeks worth of stuff now to MAKE me do it and at the begin of May I have an important event that I need to slink down for.
So Im back on it but not at 810.....oh no!
This time Im going hardcore SS!
Im psyched though and ready so bring it on x
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Let's get one thing straight, missus - you're not useless! No way! None of that negative self-talk, young lady, you hear me? :D

You can do this - it's just coming up with enough displacement activities to get you through the first few days. You know the score - you come and post your heart out on here, paint your nails, brush your teeth, read a book, go for a walk, have a hot bath...

And then it's easy peasy. :D


Slowly but surely x
Lils - you are such an angel on these boards. Full of the positive stuff we all need x
Lily thank you for those wee tips......I tend to just sit and moan about being hungry...this weekend for sure I will be bathed and manicured to with an inch of my life....! :)


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I'm definitely full of something. :D :D I think I like the idea of it being 'positive stuff' better, though. :8855:

Commitment, that's what you need. That's what I needed too, it turned out. I'm reading a fab book at the moment (no, not Beck - though it works quite well with that) by Linda Spangle called 100 Days of Weight Loss. And she says that there's a big difference between being interested in losing weight and being committed to losing weight.

Committed means do it anyway. She says:

You don't usually wait until you feel like going to work. You just go. The same thing is true for visiting your mother or changing dirty diapers. Because you consider these things to be important, you do them regardless of how you feel at the moment.

In the same way, you don't have to feel like working on your weight-loss plan to stick with your program. To improve your commitment, learn to focus on your actions, not just your feelings. On days you're not in the mood for exercising or eating right, tell yourself to do it anyway.

Here's a summary of the differences between people who are interested in their goals compared to those who are committed.

People who are interested in losing weight

1. Stick with it until something better comes along
2. Take action only if they "feel like" doing it
3. Need to see results in order to stay motivated
4. Blame people or circumstances for their struggles
5. Easily give up when they face challenges

People who are committed to losing weight

1. Stick with their plans no matter what
2. Take action whether they feel like doing it or not
3. Assume that if they stay motivated, results will follow
4. Take responsibility for their own actions
5. Keep going in spite of challenges and setbacks

It definitely got me thinking. So I'm doing my damndest to be committed, not just interested at the moment.

The fact that I actually need committing is neither here nor there... ;)


Slowly but surely x
I know the feeling!!!!!! Came off for xmas after being 100% from November and struggled to get back on ever since. That first time with no breaks is the golden time! Wish I had never even come off for xmas as I would have been finished now.
Finally got back in to it last week but keep having tiny cheats :( Better than nothing though!
Good luck with getting back to 100%!


Slowly but surely x
grrrr, im really rumbly so am going to have a coffee with a drop of milk and a hot bath and then a snooze. first few days are POO


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Hang on in there. Ss wow I never thought I would see you do that. But you can and will! I won't be around for a day or 2 having an op on my shoulder but will look forward to an update when I get back. You CAN do this


Slowly but surely x
freezing cold = one thing!
Yes, I do go into ketosis with 48 hours, usually in 24 but I only started this morning so thats 18 hours. Brrrrrrrrrr!

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