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I'm getting into clothes I haven't worn for years!


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
Why have I still got them, you might ask? Well, some of them are really nice and I always thought I'd like to try and get back into them one day. The others date back to when I lost a stone with Slimming World and went on a mad shop (then put the weight back on!).

I'm wearing a size 16 pair of jeans that were always tight (when they did fit), but now fit perfectly - and I went out last night in an evening coat that also hasn't fitted for years, and it looked great. All my friends commented on my weight loss too, which was so encouraging. :D

A friend who dieted years ago (and basically has been on a diet ever since in order to keep to a size 10!), said that you have to clear out your big clothes. You shouldn't keep a pile of stuff you're going to 'alter' (unless you really, really are - and plan to do it quickly), because otherwise your brain says "it's OK if I get fat again because I'll have something to wear". Sounds obvious but she says it's really important and I agree - I love some of my 'big' clothes but lots of them are unalterable so I'm going to bite the bullet and just get them to the charity shop asap. (This will be difficult as I'm a confirmed hoarder! :eek:)

This is actually an empowering move for me - I was dithering about the clothes, but now I'm determined to sweep away the past and send my brain a message - "there's no going back!". :) I think it'll do me good quite frankly, and also free up space in my crammed wardrobe! :eek:
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I'm just the same with my wardrobe! I've got clothes going back years that I've kept in the hope I'll fit into them again one day. Clothes that I've bought after numerous diets only to fail again. My 'wardrobe' consists at the moment of 2 pairs of black trousers (stretchy waist) 3 t-shirts, 3 long sleeve t-shirts and a couple of cardigans. At the moment that's all that fits. I'm looking forward to wearing some of my other clothes again-some of them still have the tags on!
I need to get rid of my stuff too..i will just not today cos busy lol..
Anyway, keep anything long enough and it comes back into fashion again. The things i have thrown out in the past.....:-(
I was taking a large bag of clothes that on longer fits to the charity shop on tues - and stopped at my friends on the way there...
She ended up having most of the tops!!!!!
Congratulations Jaycey! It is an excellent feeling to be able to wear smaller clothes, I think it's even better then watching the weight on the scales go down. I have 2 wardrobes, one large suitcase and the 4 big draws in my divan bed all FULL of clothes and I can only wear the same 6 items! This is all changing now though!! Oooh very exciting!!
Yep me too, I have loas of clothes in my wardrobe that are either from a few years ago or are brand new that I bought to spur me on to do the diet!

I have way more clothes in my small size than the size I am now. The only clothes I have now are all maternity that I am stil wearing 8tmths after I had my baby!!! I have one pair of jeans that re done, one pair of black cords, one pair of suitish trousers and about 4 tops I alternate and that's it. I've refused to buy myself any clothes in the size I actually am as i'm trying to convince myself I wont be this size for too long. Hopefully not!


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
I've refused to buy myself any clothes in the size I actually am as i'm trying to convince myself I wont be this size for too long. Hopefully not!
That's me too - I'm chucking out but not currently bringing in, for the same reasons as you. Who knows what size we'll be? I could never have envisaged the kinds of changes that are happening to my body, and I'm certainly not to going to second-guess it before the diet's finished.

If you have an insane desire to shop - buy shoes! :D (That's what I'm doing!)
hi peops im starting my 3rd wk now and i threw alot of thing away already i dont wanna be in this fat body anymore x


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I totally agree with what your friend said. I have been clearing out things that were slightly loose on me before starting CD. now, I've either given them to my mum (she's a great machinist) or I'm giving them to charity. I don't really want to alter my clothes cos if I'm working this hard to lose the weight then surely I should be able to treat myself when I lose weight!

You are doing great hun! Keep up the good work x.
Hey dont chuck your clothes out sell them on ebay, lost three stone now and sold all my 16s and 18s on ebay, made £300, going to Blue water shopping on Monday for lots of new 12s and 14s....cant wait


Wants to be slim!
It's great to be able to buy smaller clothes. I had lost interest in shopping as each time I went into town I came back in a foul mood when nothing fitted in 'normal' shops and I had to buy size 20s.

I am on week 8 now and today went into town and bought two pairs of size 16 trousers and two size 16 tops in the Next sale. I came out of the changing room with a HUGE smile on my face!

I have taken in some of my other clothes and I am trying not to buy too much but I am a Manager in a design studio and I have to look smart at work. I also feel that I deserve to buy myself a few new bits and pieces and it spurs me on when I know I am looking good in my new clothes.
I have had a slow loss over the last couple of weeks and today has really cheered me up.

I am going to go through all my clothes tomorrow and anything that I bought to cover me up or that isn't flattering is going.

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