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I'm giving it another go....

I just find conventional dieting so hard! The most successful I have ever been is on Lighter Life, but as soon as I stopped going it all went straight back on. However I'm fed up of being so fat so I'm just going to concentrate on losing it before worrying about maintaining it. i did quite well with CS a couple of years ago, so I'm going to give it a try and give my weight a kick start. I know after just one week on it I will be into the next stone down bracket. Hopefully along with my newly purchased gym membership, if I stick to CS and keep going to the gym, I shall hopefully lose the 3.5st I think I will need to lose to be a comfortable size 14.

Good luck if there's anyone else around here...
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Day 1

Well I did it, and completed day 1. Weight yesterday - 15st 1.6lbs, weight today 14st 13.4lbs. The hardest part was making sure I drank all my water because admittedly I'm not the best in the world at making sure I get enough to drink. I had 7 shakes, and 2 soups left from the last time I had a go at the diet so I'm going to go to Rowlands when it opens and buy some bars as I don't really want anyone to know at work which diet I am doing. I'll have bars at work, and shakes at home. Hopefully doing the diet at work should be easier as I don't eat much at work anyway (apart from a huge cooked dinner - I work in a hospital) but I'm going to go for the meat salad option and just say I'm cutting back a bit. I can sneak the bars as snacks easily enough. I liked eating every 2 hours as I didn't get hungry and panicky as I knew I could eat again soon and the water kept me feeling full
Day 2

14st 12.4lbs, so that's 1lb off since yesterday alone.

Bought four bars and another week's worth of shakes from the pharmacy and also got two free chick-lit books that Rowlands had been told to give away free to customers but they didn't know why, so I was glad I had called in :)

Water situation was a lot better as I sit at a computer for most of the day, so I just swigged and swigged and swigged and had 1.5 litres at work alone.

I'm finding the diet quite easy because I do not have to think about what to have to eat and it's amazing how a relatively restrictive diet can be easier than WW where you can eat what you like in moderation...I don't think moderation is a word in my dictionary!!
Day 3. 14st 11.8lbs in total, which is 2.8lbs in three days....

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