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I'm going back to it heeeelppp!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by teddysmum43, 11 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. teddysmum43

    teddysmum43 Member

    Oh my goodness where do I start?i started at SW just over two years ago after my mum died. Had put on so much weight I also have fibromyalgia and underactive thyroid and on various meds which hasn't helped. I went to a local group and got friendly with another woman with fibro. It all went a bit wrong,I lost 3.5 stone and she took great pleasure in putting me down and I let her! I got so very low,instead of being happy I had lost the weight! Then something else happened and I just couldn't do it anymore and a year later I'm 1.5 stone heavier :( I just cannot go back to where I was,it's already affecting my health but I get so ravenously hungry and usually it's for chocolate! I also suffer from anxiety and I'm panicking that I can't loose the weight.
    support needed badly!!
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  3. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Gold Member

    What a horrible woman!
    That really pee's me off. Women are supposed to support other women not put them down if they do better than them! Grr!
    My friend has fibro and also gained a lot due to meds and also not having the energy to do any kind of exercise.
    Don't really have any answers for you, just wanted to say that someone heard you, and you deserve better treatment, especially off of someone who claimed to be your "friend" x
  4. teddysmum43

    teddysmum43 Member

    Thanks pixie,I'm not friends with her anymore,I cut her out of my life,best thing I ever did. So going to a new group with different people and a new start.
  5. miss.mooey

    miss.mooey Full Member

    Im sorry for the way uv been treated! Its no way anyone shud be treated. I hope ur in a better place to start workin towards that wonderful 3.5st u lost the time before.

    i just wanted to say that everyone ive spoken to on here have been so friendly and supportive. I hope u get the same experience :)

    Good luck
  6. teddysmum43

    teddysmum43 Member

    Thank you Miss Mooey,I start my new group on Friday morning ! I'm pretty nervous but am excited at the same! Going to try and put it all behind me.xx
  7. MrsSOS

    MrsSOS Full Member

    How exciting!! :clap:

    People who have to put another person down to make themselves feel better are bullies: pure and simple! It's all about power games. I'm sorry you were taken in by her, but, I'm also glad you have had that experience. Why? Because you will never fall for that type of bully again!

    How wonderful that you were able to achieve a loss of 3.5 stone!!!!! :clap: That is evidence that, despite your personal health and med set backs, you know you can achieve something remarkable when you put your mind to it :bighug: That is something to be very proud of!

    I shall be thinking of you on Friday morning and willing you through those doors! Have you contacted the Consultant for that group, yet? I called mine before I began - actually, it was to discover that my usual consultant wouldn't be there and a sub was going to be :giggle: Then, the following week, even though I got to speak to the group consultant to confirm I could attend a different meeting, she *still* wasn't going to be there! :giggle: Finally met her at group yesterday and she's a real sweetie.

    The reason I would recommend calling the group consultant before the meeting is, they will be on the look out for you and it just makes that first visit a little less daunting and a heck of a lot more welcoming! Something to think about, perhaps?

    Best of British to you teddysmum43 :)
  8. Laurelie

    Laurelie Member

    Come back to Slimming World! Contact the consultant at whichever group you'd like to try beforehand if it helps to ease your nerves a little, and don't forget that once you've joined you can go to other groups anywhere if you don't like the group you've joined. I've gone to a different group when the time of my current group didn't fit in around my work and it was fine! You managed to lose an amazing amount of weight before, so you can definitely do it again and more with better support!

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