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I'm going on the radio!!!

way to go lunar jim. you have done so well. my cdc asked me to do local paper but i am just not brave enuff! well done you . you deserve the recognition for all your hard work.


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Jim, Well done and good luck. I'm sure you will enjoy the experience and most of all it will inspire a lot of other people who are listening to take that first step to getting fitter!
good luck jim!! hopefuly you can sway some of those with negative views about CD!


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I agree with Jayney, some good publicity about CD would be good. A colleague stuck a magazine on my desk today, an article about the people who have been on Lighter Life and died. So they're now worried about me! Anyway, good luck with the interview :)
Well done you tell the world how good CD is and people will stop trying to convince me to give it up. Enjoy it you have worked hard for this xx
you go jim,you are defineately the right candidate to promote how good running and CD can be for you,about time it received some good press!

Go and do us all proud x
Good Luck broadcasting to the region - what a shame I won't hear you in London, I am sure it will go very well as you have been so enthusiastic about getting healthier and encouraging/supporting other on their weight loss journeys, all the best x
Hey LJ just wishing you luck for this morning. Can we get the broadcast online?
Right, now that I know what's going on...

I recorded the interview earlier today, but it's not going out until Sunday. I'm going to be that day's news 'human interest' element, basically they're going to use portions of the interview at each hourly news bulletin throughout the day, probably with different content each time. Listeners will be directed to the website to get the full story, pictures :eek: etc. so you'll be able to see it somewhere at the link I posted the other day.

It wasn't too bad actually, at least with me not going out live listeneres won't be subjected to a barrage of umms and errs lol! But the lady doing the interview (actually one of their news readers) really put me at ease, the studio wasn't intimitading or anything, and I listened to a little bit after we recorded it and it sounded reasonably ok; I was worried that I'd hate it, you know how when you hear yourself on an answerphone and hate it (well I do anyway)? I just hope my Teesside accent wasn't too shocking lol not that the locals would notice :D

Got a nice tour of the studio too, and sat in with their morning presenter while he was broadcasting so I got a little view of how things work. I was suprised how little stuff there is in a studio these days; of course it's all computers now and gone are the endless banks of knobs and switches...

Err, that's about it really! I did of course harp on about CD, and I even mentioned Minimins lol, but I'm just waiting for Sunday now to find out how much of a dick I made of myself :D :D Hopefully it'll be ok!