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I'm going to bawl... (WI result!!!) :)


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Help, I sneak peaked at the scales two mornings before my 1st weigh-in. I know I know, I shouldn't have done it but they were calling me. I've been so good this week (5days) I've stuck 100% to the plan. Guess what, so far STS. I'm so annoyed I've planned all my food in advance, not gone hungry, tried to have different things, been on my cross trainer, used SYNS on things other than chocolate most of the time... and not even a bloody half a pound to show for it!! :'( :(

Is it SW paying me back for going to WW for 5 days last week?? Is it normal for this to happen changing from WW?? Oh, I wonder if it's back-draft from that awful *week I had that was a week late?? Although, that was 2 weeks ago...?

I hope to God that next week I lose something or I'll be taking it out on the kitchen!!! Waaahhhh!! Please help keep me positive lovely ladies! (And guys) xx
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Oh hun, you shouldn't have done it!!! :( YOu should just wait for the official WI. I know it's hard but only the official WI results count and it could still be a good one. Come on chick, head up, go to WI and get back on it xxxxx


Slow but sure....
Oh No, you should have resisted the scales - I WI at home too and I have finally managed to stop weighing during the week.

I'm sure you will lose by Monday, but good luck to you anyway. X


Bears dont dig on dancin'
I feel so bad now,I'm pretty sure it's because of hormones, my skin has been awful and I think I'm retaining water.

I went off plan :( now I'm miserable. Wasn't too off though so hopefully still have a STS on Monday. Ugh. How rubbish am I at this. I'm going to be a porker forever! Xx


Bears dont dig on dancin'
+1lb this morning :( :( :( :( :( I'm taking that as my WI result as there's no way I'm getting on the scales again in the morning. I'd rather get on plan again making sure I'm eating enough fruit/veg and have an 8day week than do today andstill get a crap WI next week.

+1lb for week 1, WTF...?? :( I'm off for half hr on my cross trainer... xx
i feel your pain, Hubby is weighing himself everyday - he is calorie counting and he has lost 8lbs in 2 weeks

i stopped weighing myself for a few days but its awful when you weigh yourself and its STS and your working so bloody hard!!!

so now i am hiding the scales on hubby so i am not tempted too.

keep on going and your body maybe catching up - i hope thats whats happening to me, i am swimming every morning and hope my muscles are coming alive for the first time in years

keep going - exercise is sooooo good for you, so you may be loosing inches and toning up - then in a few weeks the pounds will start coming off


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Thanks :) I've just done 40mins/8miles/260cals on the cross trainer (lovely lobster red now lol) and feel a lot better. Just nipping off to sort out my food diary for this week. I think maybe I wasn't eating enough at mealtime. Last time I did SW I was eating things like pasta'n'sauce for lunch, and lots of chilli/spag bol etc. This last week I've not had big meals. My chilli and spag bol were in a cereal bowl. I'm going to eat more this week. I'm making an effort to eat more fruit between meals. Just had 2 slices of melon, 1.5mini satsumas, 0.5apple mmm. Hopefully it'll come off next monday!! :) xx
hi well done - great exercise god i could not do that!!

yes i make sure my lunches are quite big as i am ravenous at lunch time withe the early swimming

my friday nights are my meal planner nights - i could jot mine down for you if you want. r u doing ee?


Bears dont dig on dancin'
I'm doing green. I've done SW from June-November, lost 34/35lbs (??) then stopped over Xmas, gained some back and am now back!! :D So I'm not a newbie hehe, thanks anyway.

I ate loads more last time round, I'll try and eat similar to what I did then. I'm going to bulk out my lunches more and snack more on fruit. I'm going to have to finish my diary tomorrow as I have a feeling my LO will be waking from his nap soon :eek:

Good luck at your next WI, I'll look out to see how it goes. I'll be happy with anything!! xx
good luck!


Strutting her stuff
Just a couple of things to add

If your weigh in is supposed to be Monday then do it on Monday, not today.

And make sure you are drinking enough water for the amount of exercise you are doing. You have already suggested that you are retaining water and this could be the reason.

Finally, men lose weight faster and more easily than women. Nothing to do with how well he is sticking to plan or how badly you are, just down to biology. Your body is programmed to hold on to fat for child bearing and there's nothing that can be done about it.

So chin up, stick with it and I'm sure the scales will start moving again soon.


Bears dont dig on dancin'
I'm not tormenting myself again with another WI in the morning which is why I just used todays weight. A day won't make a difference to my weight, but it makes a difference to my mental state! I know men lose easier, but still, it's a pain in the bum lol.

I'm aiming for 3L a day, last week I only managed 1 or 1.5 as I had a memory like a sieve for some reason!
dont let midweek weigh ins upset you - i weighed myself nearly every day last week and was going loopy cos it was up down up down and then up up up! i weighed in at class and lost 2.5lbs when my home scales had said sts!!!! so dont worry - Monday weigh in will be fine, esp with all your exercise too!!!! well done!

xxx good luck! xxx


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Thanks, think i'd better WI tomorrow then. I do SW at home so its not like missing a class! :)

I'm not expecting any miracles though!! I'd be amazed if it's a good result!! X