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  1. ElsieAV

    ElsieAV Member

    Hello :)

    I'm Elsie and I'm 24. I have done Cambridge before and lost about 2.5 stone. I put the weight and more back on through a variety of reasons (and excuses)!!

    I'm back and I'm here to stay for a little while until I lose 3 stone. I met my new consultant today and I was really impressed. So much better than my old one! She really seems to provide much more support and wants to hear from me if I'm struggling! My last one just sold me my products and sent me on my way!

    Anyway, I'm on Step 2. It seems quite high for me as I was on SS+ last time, but I am 5ft 10 so this is what the consultant recommends. She thinks that I should be able to lose 2 stone in 2 months... which would be nice!

    I quit my full time job that was super dull in January to be a student nurse and move 50 miles away to live with my boyfriend! MASSIVE life changes and I'm just tired of being unsociable because I'm unhappy with my weight. I find myself turning down nights out because I don't have any clothes that fit me.

    THE DRESS? It's a dress I wore on holiday in 2009. It's a size 12 (tight size 12...) but I remember my boyfriends reaction to me in it. It's not revealing but I did look nice in it. And I just always remember how he thought I looked nice in it! I felt so confident that night!!

    Vital statistics:
    14 stone 7
    5 ft 10

    11 stone 7

    I just want to write down how my days going in order to keep on top of my feelings and monitor my eating and drinking. Drinking is a big issue for me because I have an overactive bladder which means I need the toilet much more frequently than the average person. I'm already struggling today!!!

    Todays food:
    1 Mango shake (THIS IS NEW TO ME... AND AMAZING!! Why didn't they have this last time??)
    1l of water
    1 cup of decaff tea with a splash of milk

    I really would like to chat with people :) xx
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  3. Sophiesophs

    Sophiesophs Full Member

    Hi Elsie!! :bighug: welcome! I'm on day 21 today! Like you I've done this before! But unlike you I never made it as far lol! I always gave up after 4 weeks! Well done for having done it before at least you know with determination and a willpower of iron that you can do it!!

    Keeping a a diary is great, it's really helped me so far and something I never bothered to do previously! I will watch your diary with interest and be sending you positive thoughts! Xx
  4. ElsieAV

    ElsieAV Member

    Hello lovely :) It took me a long time to do it last time because I DIDN'T have the willpower. I faffed about something rotten and it took an age. But this diet is SO expensive that I have to do it quickly this time. I refuse to take ages!!

    My bladder is driving me insane! I need to pee every 15 minutes!!

    I see you're near to your goal of lasting 4 weeks! How exciting!! That will be amazing. Hopefully you can celebrate with a new piece of clothing?? My plan is to buy cheap smaller sizes from ebay as I go along. So i don't waste money but I do get to see myself in smaller sizes!! :) What's your consultant like??

    I'm already planning my tea ;) maybe cod fillet with a bit of veg? And my cod fillet it small so I might have a poached egg a lot later on! X
  5. ElsieAV

    ElsieAV Member

    Day two...

    Generally all ok. Generally.

    I had a celebration from work. OOps. It was a genuine mistake. Someone gave me one and i had it and then thought balllls!!

    Had two shakes and my tea of chicken and leeks. I need a third shake but I feel sick and really cant face it. I know that's bad!!!

    A bit worried about my weekend ahead. Going home and my folks don't know I'm back on Cambridge. I'm hoping to get away with breakfast and lunch by being out and about!! I just hope I can persuade them to do a cambridge friendly tea... some how!

    In other news... it's only my 2nd day but I feel way less bloated! My work uniform didn't leave the worlds most disgsuting red line on my tummy today! RESULT!

  6. Sophiesophs

    Sophiesophs Full Member

    You're doing really well! My consultant is lovely! She's won lots of awards for being so good so that's a bonus as I maybe needing a kick up the backside at weigh in next week! One little celebration won't hurt in this early stage, you'll be in ketosis soon! I hope you have a lovely weekend away......it's going to be hard to stay strong but I know you can do it! Yeh this 3-4 weeks stage is always the toughest for me...thoughts of slimming world pop into my head to tease me and it's a real battle to keep going without food, I did have two eggs again tho yesterday tho just to help! Off to primark tomorrow just to buy a few bits to last for the next month. ( see I'm still thinking long term!) both pairs of jeans I own keep falling down, so that just leaves me with two pairs of leggings *sigh* :)
  7. ElsieAV

    ElsieAV Member

    I remember when I did Cambridge last time, my jeans were hanging off me and i looked a tramp. I kept refusing to buy more until I absolutely had to. And my mother sat me down and properly lectured me on how scruffy I looked ;) haha! Enjoy shopping! I have a photo of me trying on a bridesmaid dress after last time on my phone. I looked so good in it. My hips were smooth. No back fat. Slim arms... the dream eh!!

    Day 3

    Woke up feeling shattered. Not hungry as such but exhausted. But my long days at work could explain that too! Going to pack all my tetra's into my holdall to go home with. Just see what happens eh! I'm going to do my best but I can't tell them im doing the diet. Not worth the effort! My boyfriend says he'll try and eat all my food from my parents for me. ha!

    Planning ahead, I have a nightshift 7pm-8pm next week. It's just one on it's own so not sure how to plan my food. I'll be up most of the day, all night and then sleeping the next morning I guess!

    Feeling comfortably happy. I think the weather helps! I did weigh myself. I know it's bad.. I'm such a daily weigher! I started at 14st7lbs. I was 14st3.5lbs this morning. Not a dramatic drop... I want to get to 14st by next weigh in...

    Apparently it's warm this weekend!! I like sunshine... but as a fat person dressing for sunny weather it's bloomin difficult!

  8. ElsieAV

    ElsieAV Member

    Balllls. So i lost my bottle a bit and ate a couple of doritos. Quite annoyed my bf left them here ;) haha. So i went for a back to get out of the house. Being off work seems to be the killer. When I'm at work I take no money and only take my shakes so I can't do anything about it!
  9. StephaniexSx

    StephaniexSx Full Member

    hey hope youre journey is going ok :) how are u doing now?

    I feel the same as you, being off work requires so much more will power, for me its because at work i have a structure and kept busy

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