Im going to do it!

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  1. vickyt

    vickyt Member

    Ive decided, im going to go for this, properly!

    Just some questions before i do lol;

    Do you have to excercise?
    Do you ever eat anything? Or just the packs?
    If anyone could give me a rough idea of when you have the packs, How many a day that would be great :)

    Thanks, this is such a lovely forum, im hoping it'll change my life!
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  3. Mini

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    Hi Vicky,

    It helps if you cut down on carbohydrates and up the intake of water before starting as it does make the diet much easier to do.

    Your Pharmacy that does Lipotrim Diet will have a DVD/video that you can get a lend of; the diet is explained very well in it, I feel it is worth watching.

    When are you thinking of starting?

    Love Mini xxx
  4. Shazpaz

    Shazpaz Regular Member

    South Beach
    Welcome Vicky. It will change your life.............good luck hun.
  5. fattothin

    fattothin Gold Member

    Lipotrim 1st time
    Welcome Vicky, Mini says it all there really, all I would add is that the dvd is available to download and watch on (poo site).
    Good luck V. x:)
  6. vickyt

    vickyt Member

    I think i need to clear all the bad food (Actually, all the food!) out my house first!!! The no excercise bit sounds great ;) Ill let you no when i start, will need all the help i can get!! Do you think my target is do-able? xxx

    Edit: Only just noticed, thank you for the link to the website for the video. Im off to watch it now. :)
  7. SkinkWitch

    SkinkWitch I've got the power

    Welcome to lipotrim Vickyt!
    I think if you started right away you could be almost at your goal by July, the average weight loss on LT is 1 stone a month, some people lose more than that though if you look at the tickers of the folk who post here.
    Best of luck with it,

  8. fattothin

    fattothin Gold Member

    Lipotrim 1st time
    V, get rid of all the food by binning it or giving it away, no time like the present, c'mon crack on the earlier you start the faster you reach your goal;)
  9. Julie84

    Julie84 Full Member

    Slimming World
    Good luck Vicky. The first week can be a bit tough but once you get through it is an easy diet as long as you are committed. A few weeks ago I started exercising because I fancied it (and felt up to it for the first time in years!) - aqua aerobics and a bit of extra walking etc - and it has made a huge difference to the flabby bits (which were getting more and more jelly like as I lost weight!) I didn't even think about doing anything for the first 8-ish weeks though and lost loads. :)
  10. TracyJ

    TracyJ Gold Member

    Welcome and good luck Vic xxx
  11. fran-kley speaking

    fran-kley speaking Full Member

    hi there vicky,
    this can change your life!
    3 packs a day.....i have mine at noon-ish, 6p.m.ish and 9p.m.ish......but you can have them anytimes you like as long as you have all 3 no more and no less!
    i don't do any proper exercise but i do have a dog and when i feel bouncy he gets an extra walk, lol!
    i think it is feasable that you could get to goal at some point in july or as near as damn it coz ur first month on it ul probably exceed the 1 stone marker!
    BUT it has to be stuck to rigidly although having a firm target like you do of july should keep you really well FOR IT!!
    best of luck,
  12. Sola

    Sola Full Member

    Welcome Vicki and good Luck!!! You can make it, just keep logging onto the forum and you will find the inspiration you need.
  13. foreverhope

    foreverhope Full Member

    Slimming world
    Goodluck xxxxxx
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