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I'm going to my first keep fit class tonight lol

Good luck with your first class tonight FYM!
And don't worry about feelign embarassed - everyone else will be feeling the same too!

I'm soon to be starting my ballroom dancing class (at the request of someone else who needs a partner to go, of course :p )

Looking forward to it!
I'm going to my first aqua-robics class on Wednesday (well I've been before in the past but not since doing LL) with another girl from my LL class and really looking forward to it. It's my introduction into getting into doing some exercise as I find the gym boring.

Hope you enjoyed it Emma!
Well I'm back and I LOVED it :) I found muscles I never even knew existed. Who knew I would get back to loving the E word so much :D, can't wait to go on thursday now.

Ooo ballroom dancing v nice I want to do salsa but can't find anyone to go with me, I love aqua aerobics but they don't have a class at a suitable time for me in my area so me and a friend are going to go for an hours swim once a week instead.

Ooo and I wasn't embarassed at all, I have a lot more co-ordination than I thought and actually managed to keep up yay lol.

Emma xXx
hi there
glad you had fun!
i must look out something else to do - did go for a swim yesterday which was nice
daisy x
Glad you enjoyed it fym. I went to Muay Thai Kickboxing class on Friday night and after I got over the initial shock of turning up for the advanced class!!!, I was okay after they moved us in with the kids class lol. I also used muscles I never knew existed. Gonna do a few of the Body Combat classes this week too - feels good when you lose the weight and don't feel too embarrassed about going to classes/gym.

Enjoy Thursday
Go for it Mandy you might be surprised how much you like it :) I feel all bouncy and smiley for ages afterwards :)

Exercise is never a bad idea nor should it be embarrassing, remember that there will be people there feeling just like you and probably worse, as soon as you start the first lesson you will feel great look at Yummy she loved it
Glad you enjoyed it debs :D. I'm debating going to a similar class as mondays tonight but would have to go on my own as my friends husband is away, I def want to but am very shy so may just wait til next week and go with the torture master ;)

The exercise thing seems to get easier as you go along Jim.

In the first 5 or 6 weeks I found myself feeling way more tired than I expected when doing 30mins or so of fast-paced walking (whereas even at my heaviest I never struggled to walk quickly or long distances).

Now I'm in week 13, and every day I do a combination of running and walking for the 5 miles home from work every day, barely a problem; this weekend I'm getting my bike out for a service/tune up and then working that into my to-and-from work journeys as of week 14.

Considering you were biking prior to LL, I should think that even 5 spin classes in a week wouldn't be too harsh on you. Best to just go by how you feel I say; so long as you feel OK, then you are OK! your body will soon let you know if you do something it doesn't like! :p
Well funnily enough FYM I was supposed to be going with a girl from my LLC class who suggested it to me, so we were supposed to meet at the pool before 8 pm and she didn't show up, so I was on my own. But thankfully the women there and the teacher were friendly enough so it was very enjoyable.

I admit it would have been nice to have gone along with someone to my first one and I'll find out tonight why she didn't come and swap numbers(!) but I'm so glad I went.
Yeah I thknk i'm just being a wuss as I know my friend will def be there next week so can go suffer alongside her lol. I am still considering going tonight but will probably decide against it and go for a jog instead.


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