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I'm having a rave...

because i have done it again!!! :cry::cry::cry:

I imagine most have you have done it at some point - before i start i diet i always pig out on my favourite foods, then feel absolutely disgusting the next day. I'm still so full from last night so only managed one shake so far.

I'm so cross at myself today for being such a pig. I purposely planned it too, which is even worse. I went to asda, went up and down the aisles specifically picking up exactly what i was going to gorge on that evening, and the list is shameful :(

Chocolate milk shake - fiji fudge
pre-cooked pork with a apricot stuffing
Red wine
boasters chocolate chip cookies
Cadbury's Chocolate flake yoghurt
galaxy hazelnut bar - the large one

I did no more but got in the car and drank my thick and sickly chocolate milkshake. When i got home, i ate my wotsits while putting red wine next to fire, putting chocolate in freezer and warming some plates. I then cut up the pork for me and my partner, dolloped some apple sauce on my plate, buttered the bread and filled my face with stuffed pork joint and apple sandwiches for tea. Followed by the cadbury's yoghurt.

I then settled down watching a film with my fiance indulging in red wine and chocolate. When the film had finished we ended up going on our wii console (which i admit got very competitive!!) We the opened the boaster cookies and chomped on the whole pack - He had 2 in the space i muched down the rest of the pack. At this point (when he had reached in the pack to get another and realised they'd all gone) He looked at me and said "oh em, you've been a bit fat" to which point we both burst out laughing!!!

Eventhough it was a joke last night - today i have that horrible guilty feeling. Don't you just hate that :confused:

Sorry to let my steam out on you guys, but i needed a rave! I know if i rave on about it to my fiance he'll just give me "that look" and i'll feel even worse. GRRRRRRRRR IT'S A VISCOUS CIRCLE!!


ah.................. that feels better now.
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lol :D sounds exactly like the kind of thing i'd do. Try not to regret it. You are on track now and if you hadn't done it, you'd have probably regretted not eating it all if that makes sense.
LMAO - you are so right! I would have regretted not eating it yeah. Lol - what are we like eh!!!


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pmsl.:rotflmao: i did the same thing yesterday , including a box of thorntons choccies "!!!!! i am not feeling guilty today . i am feeling positve about my restart , although admittedly im famished right now !!!

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