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Im......... (help)

Gagging for a cheese and tomato toastie, :sigh:i've just made it for my kids and they look and smell gorgeous!!:cry: (please will power,hold out for me)!!! grrrrr. This is getting harder to resist!! I hope i get over this stage in my diet soon!:sigh:
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Come on will power hang on in there what are the old cliche sayings....well you've got one on your signature....what about a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips or nothing tastes as good as being slim feels hehe!!

Try distracting yourself for a little while or have a nice big glass of water it's all going to be worth it!!!
Thanks hun, i know your right but it feels lonely dieting in ahouse when the rest of my family are eating things like that.....im sure it will be worth it in the end,i know it will!! Thankyou for your support x


I will do this...
I know - its really hard.

Do you have something that you could have instead?

We are here for support - you are doing great... xxx
Could you go and stand on the front or back door, get some fresh air ... I know this sounds silly but the smell remains in your nose (best way I could think to put it) way after the visual has gone. And being able to smell it triggers the memories! ... do I sound daft!!!!


I will do this...
I think thats a really good idea! Next time I'm struggling with the same thing - I'm going to do that :D
Grab something low fat. My boyfriend makes himself sausage sandwhiches and cheese and ham toasties and i go get some nice fat free yoghurt and fruit!


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How'd you get on Tracey did you manage to resist temptation?? It's funny although i've only not been eating high fat things for 9 days i can't even stomach a chip it feels that greasy lol so perhaps it's not worth that desireable feeling after all!!!
hiya all i did managenot too it some,im very depressed today because of whats happened too Michael Jackson,i just cant believe it x
Don't know if this helps but Rosemary Conley and Weight Watchers both do a low fat cheese. Rosemary Conley's also comes ready grated. I think this is only available in Asda or large Morrisons though.
I find philadelphia extra light keeps my cheese buds sated, ive always loved cheese and I use this on sandwiches and on jacket potatoes if im having beans instead of marg/butter and its like having cheese and beans.

Dont think it would be good in a toastie though!!! Lol

How about a ham and tomato one with a sprinkle of parmesan or weight watchers cheese so only small amount but enough to stop your craving.

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