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im hungry and just want to moan about it....

aint got nothing till dinner time....:( and even thats n filling me with excitment!! gammon, egg, sausages and salad.
But that sounds so nice!!!

Are you at work or something? Might be a plan to keep something low syn handy, I know its no help now, but given that there is no need to ever be hungry on plan - really useful to do.
no im at home, think im just running low on motivation today and feeling sorry 4 maself xx
I don't really have much sympathy for someone moaning about being hungry when they're in a house that has food in it. Instead of 'bluuurrr'ing at peoples suggestions you could just go and make your dinner now :p
Look. I wont beat around the bush, there are MILLIONS of options for you right now. You can sit there and sulk, or get up and have a route round the fridge, cupboards and eat something.

This is not a deprivation diet. You are incharge here lady, do something about it!
On SW there is always something you can eat. On the other hand, you could look at it another way . . .

It isn't that long until dinner time. Say three hours, maximum? So what is going to happen if you feel a bit peckish for the next three hours? Nothing dreadful. You won't starve.

So if there really isn't anything you can eat right now, then just put up with it, go and find something to do to take your mind off things - and maybe remind yourself that there are millions of people in this world who are really hungry - and be thankful that you aren't one of them!
Gosh - is it me or do some of those comments sound a little harsh??? :eek:

We all know what its like to be hungry & yes some of us do occasionally get hungry on plan - I certainly do & know just what you mean when the thought of snacking on salad doesn't exactly appeal.

If your still hungey & not eaten (maybe your waiting on hubby or something????) can you not have some fruit or something? I find that a large glass of pop helps, that or a bit of a fridge raid anyhow :D
cor blimey what a reaction!! Thanks gettingthinnerbytheday, was just generally saying i was a bit peckish!! after i posted i did go and make my dinner. sorry for moaning

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