I'm hungry HELP


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So ur not actually hungry hun are ye?!

Just remember, pizza will still be there when you are finished CD and you can have it then....you are not denying yourself anything, you are merely putting it off for a while....

AND one slice will undoubtedly lead to more, and you will feel crap and knock yourself out of ketosis

Now, is all of the hard work you have already put in REALLY worth sacrificing for some pizza....
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Hey, just think it may taste nice, but how will you feel if you cheat? The feeling of being slimmer much nicer?????


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A MINUTE ON THE LIPS IS A LIFETIME ON THE HIPS, try not to give in hun you will only regret it afterwards.


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cant u leave the room for a while? I would go distract myself somewhere else. u've lost 10lb and are doing fab. dont wreck ketosis and that happy feeling for some muck on bread :eek:


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Don't do it, hun!!!!!

Leave the room or sit there with a smile plastered on your face, through gritted teeth - it is NOT worth it (trust me!!!!)

I have to say that you look absolutely stunning in your avatar pic - such a pretty girl!!!!!! Don't spoil your diet (and your looks - dare I say??!!) for the sake of some fatty, greasy, lardy pizza which will just give you a heart attack!!!

Go have a nice cuppa peppermint tea to fill you up instead and be all smug cos you're getting thinner while they're piling on the lbs!!



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What they all said!!leave the room till they finish eating it and stay strong!