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I'm hungry!!!!!

Hi All,

You may have heard from my other half - Pete, so I thought it was time I said hello!!!

As Pete mentioned in another thread, we are now on Day 10, and did very well on our first WI's (I lost a stone, and Pete lost 12lbs), but I am finding it strangely tough today - I am feeling really hungry, and my tummy won't stop rumbling at work!

I'm not sure if its linked, but we did make some 'crisps' yesterday with the oriental chilli pack, and am not sure if it has woken up my stomach, as it seems to be yelling at me to feed it!!! (and I promise I haven't cheated and am drinking at least 3-4ltrs a day)

Has anyone else had this problem? The last few days I haven't been hungry at all, so it just seems odd to have just started now! Plus I am feeling quite tired and unenergised?! :confused:

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Hey Jo,

Are you due on soon? some times when i am, i get a few extra bars to help me through it so i dont binge
When im hungry i just keep drinking water which helps.

Hope the hunger passes soon
Well done on your loss.

Start Weight 14 s 3lbs
Week 1 = 04/09/08 -5
Week 2 = 11/09/08 -2 (totm)
Week 3 = 18/09/08 -4
Week 4 = 25/09/08 -5
Week 5 = 02/10/08 -4
Week 6 = 09/10/08+4 (on hols)
Week 7 = 16/10/08 -8
Your doing really well Jo. I like to think when my tummy's rumbling that it's actually the fat being broken down and nothing to do with hunger.....keep going.
Jo well done on your weight loss this week.

Uping your water will help, i always have 2 2 liter bottle stitting on my work top so i know that when that is done i am ok!
can't help give an answer to you question as I am only on day one, but wanted to say well done to a fab weight lose... you should be very proud of yourself


nearly there!! :)
hope ur feeling ok, but my llc tole us when ur stomach rumbles on this diet its actually ur body burning fat so i say bring on the rumbles!!lol!! also is there something happening thats making u feel hungry something that in the past u would have reached for food? could be anything simple to big things...maybe something u should ponder on!!

hope u feel less hungry soon though xxx
ps well done on the bril loss xx

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