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I'm in a bit of a dilema with how much to lose


Losing the baby fat
G: 12st0lb
I'm in a bit of a dilema with how much to lose.
At 12 stone i think I am fine, and my doctor told me not to go below 12 stone, but that leaves me in the overweight BMI.
I joined weight watchers to support my mum (I dont follow their polints system, just go for weigh in) and I have to get to 11 stone 6lbs there to qualify as a Gold member and go free!
So i am thinking of the money and still being able to support my mum, so I guess I have to lose 1st 8lbs.
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S: 18st2lb C: 16st3.5lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 1st12.5lb(10.43%)
Hi Rowan,

I have moved this post into WW forum and perhpas Starlight and the other members will be able to give you some support and advice.

Well done for being such a good support for your Mum.:)

Love Mini xxx
Hi there

I think you should go more by what you feel than worry about your BMI. If your doctor feels 12 stone is a healthy weight for you AND youre happy with that, Id stick with that. You know how you look & feel, your doctor knows you personally and isnt working out the figures on a calculation which doesnt take a persons specifics into account. Personally Im not in the least interested in my BMI, who decides whats healthy & whats not & who are they to say what suits me, when they dont know me or anything about me?? My doctor has told me he thinks Id have lost far too much if I aimed for the mid point of my 'healthy' BMI.

If you feel ok just now, and youre happy & your doctor is happy then I wouldnt push myself to lose weight just to get to what some so called 'expert' classes as healthy


Losing the baby fat
G: 12st0lb
I know youre right, but but but... I have a psychological thing going on with me and the BMI (putting going to weight watchers for free to the back for a mo.)

If I can get to that 24.9 I will know i am not fat and i'll be 'normal' - being normal from obese2 means the world to me, it's a kick in the pants to alot of people who made my life a misery about being overweight. So even though at 12 stone I could be done, I'll still be overweight and i'll not be happy with myself that i didn't 'finish the job'.

I know how bad i sound, and the thing is I couldnt ever get below 12 stone to save my life, i've always known around 12st 6 was my weight to be, (before i knew about bmi's and such.)

I've been debating this end weight thing for a year, and the clincher has to come down to getting that gold member status and saving my money, as my mum has alot to lose and i'm not letting her go on her own and i cant go to ww and remain the same weight forever.

I also have this 'thing' that 12 stone sounds like a heavy weight to be, but i do carry a lot of muscle - i'm big and stocky, not dainty in the least. My husband says I am meant to be big.

Really I am HAPPY i am healthy now first and foremost. My blood tests for diabetes and cholestral were below average after being sky high, the 'weight' has taken over from 'the save my life' exercise.

I would tell anyone else to stop when THEY were happy, but i don't take my own advice.
i guess I am going for 11-6. that will take me to a very comfortable, may need a belt!, size 12 jeans and a 14 top. I think that sounds thin enough.

I might have a word with the ww woman and ask her why goal weights arent specific to the individual, and see if we can come to an agreement.
I think it is a personal choice as to where and when you decide to caller quits.
You'll know when you get there and you just remember to love yourself, some of us will never be happy with something about our bodies, that is perfectly the norm in my opinion. Just don't strive for perfection .

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