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I'm in a rut - give me food suggestions


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He Who Thinks He's Boss had a real go at me last night saying my diet was terrible and I've realised he's right. I'm always eating the same thing. Lunch is Ryvita, Quark and ham/turkey on a red (invariably followed by chicken that night) or it's potato and quark and sweetcorn (or chips and quark and sweetcorn) and pasta for dinner.

I'm in a real rut and think that's why I STS this week. I'm also not eating enough - you know, the typical panic because you're only losing a half/pound or STS!

Please, can you give me some ideas for breakfasts that aren't fruit or eggs and lunches (packed and at home).

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how about reading the food diaries and getting ideas via that way, would be far easier i think since you are living abroad (thats what your profile says!) and by reading you know whats available for yourself better than we do.


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Maybe you could start a food diary yourself and then you would get advice every day on the food you are eating.


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thats a fab idea about doing your own diary.
also, are you at your goal weight and past it?
not sure if you are at your recommended target but if you are i would be wary about going any lower.


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My side piece is my mini-target. Now need to lose 2lbs to get to my real target - and these are the hardest 2lbs in the world!!!!!!

Food diary sounds good. Seeing it written down will show me how I'm doing. Also going to have a neb at the others . . .


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thats great!
its far easier to get the help that way when we know what you actually eat, theres thousands of ideas for you i am sure of that !
state on your diary which plan you are on and if you change your plan daily....helps others when giving you meal advice

Mrs V

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Like the others have suggested Huni. I would take a look at the food diary pages, I keep one there and write in it as often as I can. I would like to think that it gives people some ideas.
Also, post one yourself so that we can have a look and see how you are doing.
You definitely need a varied diet, otherwise you will be more likely to cheat if things get boring!

Good luck.



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Please, can you give me some ideas for breakfasts that aren't fruit or eggs and lunches (packed and at home).

Here is some ideas when I asked the question last week...

Loads of luck xxxx


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For breakfast I like to have a bacon sw (I sometimes have an egg too) but today I had mackerel in tom sauce on toast.

Another suggestion I can think of is cheese on toast but if you're on EE that's both your A & B boxs used up.

Are you sure you don't want eggs? :confused:


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Why not have some cereal or beans on toast or bacon on toast , or like me this morning a full breakfast (sausages beans egg mushrooms tomatoes bacon and toast)


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I made a lovely roasted tomato bulgur wheat salad, can you get bulgur wheat? Roast the toms in the oven with mint for 20 mins, add boiling water to the wheat and leave for 30 mins.
Mix the toms, spring onions, basil & mint in with the wheat and add balsamic vinegar. Gorgeous!!

Also, how about roasting some red peppers, take the skins off and whizz with a tin of chick peas, garlic and lemon juice for some red pepper hummous, serve it with a load of crudites or your ryvita.

For dinner - do you like risotto? You can make some lovely risottos with courgettes, aubergine, peppers, onions etc - bet you get lovely veg over there.

Hope this helps!


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What about saving some of last night's dinner for lunch the next day? Like last night we had roast chicken, so today's lunch was chicken salad and jacket potato. And dinner tonight is quorn curry and rice. Might have some leftovers tomorrow with another JP.

Do you like fish? How about tuna salad for lunch?

Maybe you could try doing a meal planner for the week ahead. I sometimes do one and you can make sure you're getting a good variety of dishes across the week. xx
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Oooh, what about cooking some extra potatoes with dinner the night before and then making hash browns in the morning *swoon*


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You can't beat stuffed peppers, shove all sorts in them. Roast dinners are a fav in our house.

Lunches are tuna sald. Potato salad. Cold rice salads. Mug shots are very handy. Make some chicken cake too, that's a star fav in our house. We usually plan for it to last a couple days, but it's normally gone in one.

Look through some magazines, or go right back to the start and think about what you ate when you first started SW. Pretend you're a newbie and go through your books with a new eye and see what treasures you find.
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Hi Harrie,

This is my food diary from last week lost 4lbs tonight :)

Monday Weigh in day
Brekkie- Huge fruit salad with 2 mullerlight yogs on
Lunch- Salmon salad made night before
Tea- 2 slices of wholemeal bread, tin of baked beans and 2 poached eggs on.
Brekkie- oat so simple made with water and fruit and yog stirred in
Lunch- Salad with full tub of cottage chesse,more fruit
Tea- Lamb chops mint sauce, roasted veg in frylight tinned toms on side
Brekkie- Scambled eggs and peppered tinned toms
Lunch- Jacket potato with prawn salad
Tea- cajan chicken salad
Brekkie-2 weetabix and 1 banana sliced on top
Lunch- 6 wholemeal crispbreads with 6 extra light laughing cow cheese full packet on wafer ham and toms
Tea- King prawn curry and veg
Brekkie-Fruit salad and yog
Lunch- Jacket potato salad pork chop and lamb chop (pub lunch)
Tea- Chilli Con Carne syns Rice
Brekkie- Bacon Eggs Tomatos in 2oz wholemeal roll
Lunch- 2 oz wholemeal roll with egg and pickle
Tea- King Prawn Salad
Brunch- Full cooked english
Tea-King Prawn Salad with Jacket pot as satudays tea was so scrummy

Hope this gives you a few ideas

Tina x
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What's chicken cake???!!!

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