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I'm just going to have to throw my trousers away...

My work trousers that is! Been putting up with them-already had to throw away the 18's a while ago, but bought a pair the same in a 16. I was hoping they would last me till the end of term-but I can't even face wearing them tomorrow. They look like clown trousers!:D They're only a plain pair of black, jersey bootlegs with an elasticated waist, but they came veeery close to falling down today-it felt like the crotch was almost down to my knees! Couldn't have stopped them if they had-was walking back to the office with armfuls of photocopying! The kids would have had a right laugh!:eek: I now have the problem of what to wear tomorrow-Friday is mufti day so I can wear jeans-and no need to buy new work trousers until September-but what the hell do I wear tomorrow?:confused:
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Oh my, Sparkles, that's great that they're too big! I'm a teacher and I'm having the same problem- desperately hoping that my trousers are gonna last another week- they're huge, but I simply refuse to buy any black trousers until September!!! I'm thinking I might break the rules for a little while and wear my new cropped jeans^^ it's too cold for a skirt!!!
Can you roll the waist band over a few times on the trousers to keep them up....you might have a slight ankle swinger going on but better than going in nakey! x
I break up on Friday lunchtime-so I literally only need something to wear tomorrow-but I'm going to have to raid my wardrobe for something suitable that fits! I honestly don't think I have anything!
Can you roll the waist band over a few times on the trousers to keep them up....you might have a slight ankle swinger going on but better than going in nakey! x
If I can find a belt I might have to do with that and a long t-shirt! The trousers don't have belt loops so I might have to keep adjusting it. Have another pair of black trousers that fit slightly better, but they skim the floor a bit. Just have to see what looks worse!:D
Yay! Thats Fab news... go buy yourself a comfy pair of trousers that you can wear during the holidays that are smart enough fro work.... I just bought some cheapy capris in Tescos... I used to wear capris all the time in the classroom!


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How do you survive on only 2 pairs of trousers for work? Maybe it's just me but I like to wear a clean pair every day.
Do you must have a casual pair that will get you through tomorrow and is a skirt completely out of the question? Or would a belt help for the baggy pair?
Hope you find something lurking in the wardrobe.


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I have one pair for work, wash after 2 wears. Dry overnight, repeat. Jeans on Fridays! LOL.
How about a pair of braces!?? Failing that you could try the tried and tested fashion down here in Somerset, and tie your trousers up with some bailer twine, the piece of straw hanging from the corner of your mouth is an optional extra, of course!!! :D;) (I think this diet is warping my brain!!!) lol xx
Just wear anything you fancy that fits, and tell them you had a spill on your trousers just before leaving and didn't have time to iron anything else! They can't argue once you're there! xx


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It must be a great feeling to have to throw out clothes that are too big. Well done. I cant wait to get there!


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What an amazing achievement hon!! Work trousers are a pain!! Im so pleased that are falling down on you hon thats fab.. I hope you manage to find something for today.
Keep smiling xx