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im my own worst enemy it seems arrrgghhh


addicted to minimins!!
i caved this morning ,,arrgghhh and i was doing so well..

i no there should be no excuses for this as it was my choice i have just had a really hard week. everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. i let everything get the better of me..

but ive had a severe reality check and talk with myself this afternoon about why i am doing this, ive decided in order for me to suceed in this i have to surround myself with positive and supportive people. i have so much work to do between now and Christmas that i just need to focus!

i deserve a slap on the wrist!

i know ive set myself back a bit, but im going to put it down to a learning curve and a mistake i do not want to happen again..
onwards and downwards. restarting tomorrow.

I know i can do this, i must not let anyone, including myself, hold me back......
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hey there, the first two weeks are hard, its like you have to retrain your brain, every time i opened the fridge for water i was like oh a tomato thats healthy and then id realize i cant have tomato, that was the only thing left in the fridge by the way as i had a total clearout, but it gets easier, youre not different from any of us in here,,,you can do it no matter what,,,,so just get started again tommorrow and no beating urself up,,,hugs


addicted to minimins!!
thanks trose1203,, you made me laugh because i did exactly that! except i followed it up with something unhealthy!...:(
Im just going to push it aside and not focus on it and just focus on getting through to December.

I know i can do it, i just have to show myself i can i guess.... thanks.:) hugs x
Hi Pudge, don't beat yourself up about one little mistake. get yourself back on track and you will be fine :) You won't gain weight , all that will happen is that your ketosis might stall for a small while.xx soooo... Can I ask what tempted you away from tfr???


addicted to minimins!!
food mentioned......

A few slices of ham..which i thought was healthy...followed by...3/4 of a bar of galaxy bubble which came free with my cosmo magazine...:(.............i then put the remaining measly 1/4 of the chocolate bar in the bin and i put airfreshner on it just incase i wanted it later!... have i gone crazy? ha!
Pretty sure ketosis is gone but the guilt still remains!..back on the shakes i go....:)


2 Years Maintaining :)
Don't be too hard on yourself- this diet is very hard! After week 1 gets easier!!

I've caved a few times- last week I ate a whole packet of chocolate chip cookies!!!! The whole packet!!! Savage :(
New day New start huni, dont be too hard on yourself just get straight back on track. Well done for not letting it completely knock you off Lt. xxx


addicted to minimins!!
thanks guys.....i would thank you but im not sure how you do that??
Im angry at Cosmo magazine ha...i was going to be good and give it to my roomate when she got back from work..now all thats left is the wrapper..gosh im so pathetic ha!
RetailChick at least youre back on track an so close to goal! At least i know its possible! :)
ok, Ham is protein. I had a quick check on the galaxy bubbles, 3/4 bar is about 43 carbs, and 4 grms protein, it's not ideal but it's not as bad as it sound initially. so you might still be ok. I think you'll be ok....


addicted to minimins!!
thanks Marie you angel! i hope its not that bad and ill be fine! just going to stay on here and get an early night for a fresh start tomorrow!....:)
no probs hon, also remember, you are on a vlcd, i cant remember exactly but the 3 shakes together are only about 420 calories. you are going to loose weight on a vlcd even if you never went into ketosis. Ketosis, whilst it also causes you to burn fat deposits, it also takes away your hunger. So you will probably get away lightly this time but all you are doing is prolonging the journey to ketosis, which is what keeps us all on this diet. So for your own sake don't do it again ok. Sorry if i sould like i'm preaching lol xxxx let us know how your weigh in goes x


addicted to minimins!!
thanks Marie, :) ,dont worry youre not preaching! i need to remember these things.. :) hopefully youre right ill get away lightly and make sure it doesnt happen again! x

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