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I'm needing someone to distract me!


I will do this...
Or at least help me understand.. I find WI night to be my most difficult night. I've psychoanalysed myself and come to realise it's because I feel like I should be congratulating myself for me loss... With food.

So I'm feeling fractious and irritable and blah... I need a shake lol
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Hi jen, i do the same, i tell myself i have done so well i 'deserve' a treat, i actually go as far as looking at menu's and i think of reasons as to why i should order. I now just try and remind myself how bad i feel after i cheat and it's really not worth it
Just dont do it, your stronger than that and its not worth the extra gain...I admit to doing the same thing, but Im trying to brake away from it, cos one night can lead into many!
I have the same problem, except mine is not on WI night but on weekends. I feel like I have done so well that I deserve a takeaway!! Its very hard to resist at times but so far I have managed to struggle through it..

you are doing so well...keep it up!! And have something non food as a treat on WI night and see if that helps...x


I will do this...
Thanks everyone. Just now I totally feel like I've got the willpower to deny myself whatever I'm craving. It's more the restless, irritated uncomfortable feeling which I find difficult to live with.

It's like I don't know what to do with myself. It's a very odd feeling.
I smoke, so that helps ha ha :D


I will do this...
Maybe I should take it back up again lol I'm only joking. Oh I couldn't imagine trying to give up smoking again. I would be so ill if I had one cigarette x
You do deserve a treat for your hard work, but it doesn't have to be food related. So what do you enjoy Jen? A new magazine or book, some posh tea or coffee, something nice from Lush or similar for a nice bath, a new pair of fancy knickers, lol!
Am learning to drive so am always thinking of that lol. How about reading???
Put the money to the side of what you would have spent on silly food and save up for something special... maybe in what your doing all this for in the first place <3



I will do this...
Thanks for the suggestions ladies. I'm needing instant gratification... I'm defo going to go for something from lush. I tried a magazine and a DVD last week but I find that I have very low concentration on Wednesday nights. I don't need to concentrate at all on pampering myself! Can you buy lush online?


I will do this...
Thanks for the help last night everyone. I woke up this morning and I'm completely back to normal. It's just a Wednesday night lol. So as you said smallerme, wednesday night is pamper night. Thanks again x

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