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Im new and get my first weigh in tonight


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i love minimins me :)
good luck for ya weigh in am sure u will have done fab!!!!

am on cd so dont have any tips sorry but i look 4wad to hearin of ya success


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I found the first two weeks difficult, but I was determined to carry on, then it became like second nature to me.
Some people find it easier after the first week.
I know it might seem like an uphill struggle & that goal seems so far away, but believe me it will pass so quickly, it feels like yesterday that I started this diet, but it was only 10 weeks ago, which is nothing compared to how long I was overweight.
If you just stick at LL 100% it will get easier & easier, you may have some bad days, but they are far & few between.

Make sure you come on minimins, it has been my saviour through the tough times.

Good luck with your first weigh in.


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aw thanks everyone - this is sooo keeping me going.

Will let you all know what tonight brings!


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Good luck with the weigh in tonight - i'm sure you will be thrilled! I have done 4 weeks on LL and it does get easier with time. Some days are more difficult than others but I find if I keep busy I don't even think about it - I was so busy this morning doing washing and housework that it wasn't until I saw my foodpacks on the side at 12.00 that I realised I hadn't had any yet! Keep us updated with how you get on. Good luck!


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hi sammy good luck for tonight i had my weight in last night on week one i lost 10 pounds! thats enough to get me through another week plus the councelling is amazing.Let us know how you get on.
Sonkie I have 6 stone to lose so just the start of a big hill!

Class in an hour - feel kinda scared for some reason! no need to be I know.

Eileen thats an amazing first week loss - how much do you want to loose in total?
Will let you all know how I get on when I get back!
Welcome. As I type you'll be there & I hope you return home feeling all fired up! It is hard at the start but you need to just grit your teeth and get through it! It does get better & people have various reactions (I was just exhausted initially) so ask if you're strugging! I couldnt have done without minimins and its fab that people her just totally get it! Look forward to sharing your journey with you! Let us know how you got on tonight!!


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Hey Sammy,

You probably won't need anymore incentive after you have had your weigh in tonight!
Let us know how u get on!


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Welcome to Minis Sammy,

You should probably by back from your meeting now and be all buoyed up after meeting everyone and discussing your week. I trust you are happy with your weigh-in results.

I lost over 100 lbs with LL and am currently getting to grips with maintaining now. It was the easiest and most difficult weight loss programme I'd ever done, but also the first which I was successful completing.

Here you will find many people who are beginning just like you, or are at different stages of the programme. It is a great place to get support, advice, motivation or just have a chat about anything.

I am looking forward to reading how you got on tonight Sammy...
Hi Sammy
I'm sure you've had a great week 1 loss! The first few weeks can be a bit of a rollercoaster, but once you get your head around the practicalities and start to experience things which you thought would be hurdles, but that you actually get through, you will feel so motivated!
Good luck and let us know how tonight goes.
Aw guys you are the best. Bounded out of the meeting 11.4 pounds lighter and you are right everyone it does give you the incentive! First thing I wanted to do was run in fire up the computer and share it with people who understand!

Woo hoo I am soo pleased, hope I can keep the willpower up - just taking 1 week at a time!

Thanks again guys you are really helping

Eileen - excellent - great to have a buddy at almost the same stage

Woo hoo I am on a high!


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Congrats! That's a fab loss!

I kept myself going through the first month by doing a prediction of where I would be on what date by knocking 3lbs off my weight every week and tracking my progress against it. When things get tough I just look at it and look at 10 weeks away and think '2 stone lighter!? of course I'm going to stick to this.'
Thats a great tip Sarah - will look at starting that too.. I need to fathom out tickers as well as they look so good on everyones posts.

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