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I'm new, first SW meeting tomorrow. Help!

Welcome to the forum. There are lots of threads on easy to make meals & lunch ideas just do a search, you'll get plenty of ideas.

I also love my wine & choc, I use my syns on a weekly, instead of daily basis, which means on a Saturday night I can enjoy a few glasses of wine & chocs with the MiL:D:D


Just doing it this time
welcome and good luck - yep just use your syns at the weekend and you;'ll still lose. Best wishes.
Well I really liked the meeting last night.

Would be interested to see what you think of what I've eaten today (EE):

A peach
A clementine
About 10 cherry tomatoes
Golden savoury rice with orange pepper
About 10 strawberries
A vanilla mullerlight

I'm about to have a jacket potato with beans for tea, maybe another mullerlight.

I've not used by healthy extras or syns, I can't get my head around a) eating cheese or b) eating a piddly little piece. Is this a huge problem?

Thanks :D
Well I'd say you not eaten nearly enough food today.

If you don't like a piddly little bit of cheese you can mix it with a bit of quark which makes it go further, buy low fat cheese :)confused:)or you can have 5 laughing cow lights. Or use some syns on having more cheese.

Anything else you need to know??????????
It just doesn't feel right eating rice! I kept finding conflicting advice on it being free.

I'll make sure I eat plenty tonight, I have some quark in the fridge. Might make an omelette to go with jacket potato. Thanks.
If you make rice without the seasoning, i.e. not in a packet it's free, some of the rice with added seaoning has syns in it. Apparently Aldi do some nice seasoned rice which isn't syned.

And yes it does get a little bit of getting used to all this eating, but it does work, you just have to believe in it.:D
lol why do u feel sick? u got to eat to lose weght on this healthy eating plan

what i have had today
banana times 2
jacket pot tuna ligh mayo 1 syn sw salsa salad and garlic dip
chicken kiev 3 syns for bread crum pot weg peas corn beetroot salad
apple pinapple
will have both a and b hex for supper and some more syns and all with in syns :) u got to love this healthy eating:)
Ok, today I've had:

2 small peaches, an apple, banana and orange made into fruit salad.

About a quarter of a cucumber.

Savoury rice with onion, garlic, pepper, tomatoes and mushroom

A small tin of mackerel in brine

Piece of lean chicken

A vanilla mullerlight

Not sure what I'm having for tea.
Glad you enjoyed your class :) Have you got your head around the healthy extras yet ? They really are a good part of the plan, giving you your calcium and fibre which are essential for a healthy diet. Make the most of them :)
Are you filling in a food diary for your consultant ? I would think he/she would advise you to eat your healthy extras too ;)
Yesterday I had two Dairylea lights and a little skimmed milk in two cups of tea.

Today I just had some skimmed milk in my omelette, nowhere near the 350ml.

I'll have a couple of pieces of bread or a couple of Alpen bars tomorrow, it's the only thing I couldn't really get my head around. Thanks :D

I'm gutted, I think I've lost my fit & fresh lunchbag :cry:I was sure I brought it home from work, but it's not anywhere. So mad :mad:
42g of low fat cheese when grated is not a small amount!
If you are to follow the plans correctly then you really should have all the elements and that includes the healthy extras and syns.

A ham and mushroom omelette with jacket potato and beans doesn't seem to contain a third superfree foods which you really should try to have with each meal on EE.

Try not to worry too much about eating things which you may feel are wrong - the weight will come off (as your sneaky peak has already shown you!)

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