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I'm new, how much can I realistically loose in a year?

Hi, I started CD SS on tuesday (monday was my first meeting).

How much weight can I realistically loose in a year? I realise you can't be on the sole source longer than 12 weeks, so I will have to rotate between SS & SS+.

I am currently 14.7 stone :cry: and my BMI is 33.8. I think it's actually a tiny bit lower as I put down my height as 5ft5, but I measured myself today and I'm 174cm.

I want to set a realistic goal, in the long term I would like to get to 10 stone (or actually a bit lower, as about 4/5 years ago when I was 20/21 I was 9.5 stone.)

Like I said, my long term goal is to get to 10 stone & take it from there. I don't think in a year I can lose 4.5 stone, it is probably more realistic to say 2/3 stone in a year. I have heard some amazing weight loss stories on this website, but I can see myself being that fortunate. I am a very focused individual so I won't cheat - I am dyslexic and for the career I wanted to go into, I needed top grades and teachers used to tell I wasn't good enough, so I should pick another vocation. But I worked my "butt off" and I got top grades at GCSE and 3 A's a A Level. I had to study for about 3/4 hours a night after homework for many years. I still managed to have a weekend job at sixth form & go out with my friends at night - I just used to meet up in town with them at around 10pm.
I found in the classroom, teachers used to explain things verbally and with me it would go in one ear and other the other, so I basically had to borrow text books or buy them & teach myself the syllabus and practise with hundreds of past exams papers (so I knew the kind of answers, exam markers were looking for). I worked hard and I got top grades, and did the same at uni.

So I have determination, but I want to set myself a realistic weight loss target.

I can afford the CD diet for a year, and then I will have to move onto very healthy eating & lots of exercise to loose the rest of the weight. As I am single & bought a house at the end of 2005!!! (so my mortgage, bills etc are high & as I'm single it's more of a struggle).

I pay £38 a week (£1.81 a milkshake power or soup power) the other stuff is £2 something, so I will stick to the cheaper options - so I can't really afford more than a year on the diet.

Please give me some inspiration, and tell me what you think I can loose in a year.

Thank-you for reading my post and good luck to you all.
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CD averages about a stone a month. I did CD for 3 weeks and lost 21lbs. I then had to come off it but I would say if you stick with it you will easily lose the 4/5 stone well within the year.
A year ????
If you really behave and stick to CD with no sins (or cheating as some prefer to call their lapses), it'll take a lot less to lose 5 stone.
I have lost 36lbs in 10 weeks. ( 2st 8 lbs ).



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I lost 56lbs +- in 15 weeks. I started with a BMI of 35.6 and am 1m72 so just a bit shorter and a bit heavier than you.

You can be at your goal far within a year if you stick to the diet :)

Thank-you, WOW you have done soooooo well with your weight loss, congratulations. You must be soooooo proud of yourself.

What diet are you following at the moment?
Thank You. I moved from CD to SW and now I am just healthily eating.

Just think in a few months time you will be the inspiration for others as I am sure you will do really well. Good Luck xx
Hi and welcome. As the others have said if you stick to CD then your weight loss should be approximately 1 stone per month, so easily do-able in 6 months or less I should think x x x
wow - you are inspiring! I have always been a straight A person and really admire your determination! this will be a doddle for you.

good luck
WOW, Eclipse your weight loss achievement is amazing and you have done so well to maintain it - that must be the hardest part the maintainence.
Thanks hun, it was hard at first, but now its second nature. I don't eat like I did before, and try to make sensible choices (but still have my voddies and treats lol) x
Hi... you should do it easily within a year. I like you always had trouble losing weight, even sticking to the diets rigidly I would be lucky to lose half a pound a week... but with this diet... boy is it different. I have been on a mixture of SS and SS+ for 11 weeks now... and been good 99% of the time (I have a weekness for cheese) but have still managed to lose 50lbs in that 11 weeks!!! I have also dropped 3 and a half dress sizes.... was in a 24 now need a 17 (if only there was such a size)!!

Good luck.... and enjoy the surprise every morning as the clothes get looser and looser.

Jules x
Good luck blue eyes .But remember its not a miricle fix, the diet doesnt just magically workk! ,well it does but it need you to be strong and keep going when times are hard and there are possible side effects that arent great. But overall im 100% happy with CD and would recommend it.

Serena A

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Hi Blue Eyes

I started at a similar weight to you (although I'm slightly shorter) and have lost 3st since starting to diet at the end of August although I didn't actually start CD until September.

My weight losses by calorie counting and by Atkins always stalled after 3-4 weeks but I have lost steadily on CD so far - they key is not to cheat and the weight will come off.

I think many of us start CD hoping we'll do well but still convinced in the back of our minds that we will be the exception to the rule and only lose 1lb a week or something. Stick with it because it's the most fabulous thing ever to find out that it actually works for you too!

Good luck x

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