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Im new...In desperate need of some help and inspiration pls xx

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Hi guys,

Im new to this site. My name is Malyasia, i am 21yrs old and fat and unhappy!! :( I am married with a little boy who is my world, along with my hubby. But my life just doesn't seem complete because my weight has to spoil everything!

Im 5"1, 13stone and have a BMI of almost 35 i think? :eek: Im sooo unhappy i cant even explain. :break_diet:

I am starting cd today, i have tried in the past but gave up on the 2nd day!! :eek: So im hoping this time will be much different. Id love to lose 4 and a half stone ideally. My hubby is abroad untill January 2nd too, so im hoping by the time he gets back you will notice a difference? Is this possible?

Anyway, sorry for blabbing on...and thank you for listening.
Bye for now
Asia xxx
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Hi Malyasia. Welcome to mini's and welcome back to the CD - don't even think about your past attempt at the diet, you are back now and this is your fresh start! Just focus on getting through the first few days as the big picture can be a little daunting at the start. I know how hard it can seem - I started with BMI 47, morbidly obese at 24 years old and in just 5 months I have done so well I am sure you have it in you too.

As for you hubby - by my count you have 9 weeks before he gets back - if you stick to this then that's 2 stone (I am assuming you are Sole Sourcing - please correct me if you aren't!) so he would have to have serious vision problems not to notice!

I understand how unhappy you must fell - I always felt totally overwhelmed by the magnitude of the weight I had to lose and didn't know where to start. The important thing is to take the first steps and you will be amazed how soon you are looking back in 4 months time having lost your weight.

Keep posting - it really is a godsend on the tough days and something to do on the boring ones! Good luck with your journey,
Kerrie x


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Sorry you feel like that - I was too when I first started trying to lose weight in April, I had just had a miscarriage and it spurred me into doing something.
I have been doing cd for 4 weeks now and I find it difficult but myself and others have seem a difeerence, not just in my shape changing but how happier I seem. I was out on Saturday night with my friends from hockey and they only see me once a week but one or two did comment that I seemed happier. That was great for me to hear as I know I had been in a bad place for a while.
I posted some pics yesterday and am going to put a couple more on now that I am 4 weeks in and you can really see a difference and your dh will if he isn't back til January. My dh has seen the difference (mainly in the bedroom :eek:)
The first few days are hard then you will start to feel better and after that first weigh in you will really see it is worthwhile


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Hello there!!!

Welcome to Minimins!!

If you can stick to this plan 100%, both you and your Hubby will notice a huge difference in you.
I am a lot heavier than you - 18st 11 and I am 31 (well 32 at the weekend!!), but we both have something in common.....we both want to loose the weight!

Everyone here is amazing....have a look at the inspiration slide pictures too, they are fantastic and if there is ever a time when you feel that you can't go on...have a look!

Good luck with your journey Hun and try and come on here as much as you can.

I look forward to reading more posts from you.

S: 12st11lb C: 12st11lb G: 8st7lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Aww thank you hunnie,

I def will keep posting - i have a feeling this site will be my lifeline! lol :eek:

Well done you for such amazing weight loss!! I look at loses like yours, and that inspires me :)

Thanks again, and 2stone...id love to drop that by the time hes back!! lol

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